Salvation Member

Salvation Member is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Members of the secretive and deadly Salvation cult. They are Mages and Sorcerers causing mischief in and around Gran Soren. They practice necromancy and are responsible for unleashing some of the Undead upon Gransys' countryside.

Salvation members start appearing after you infiltrate the Catacombs the first time and often ambush you at Night. They attack in groups of five or more, and at lower levels and for classes with low magick defense, Salvation members can be deadly.

Attack Type Description
Magick Bolt Mag Shoots 3 bolts of magic from the staff.
Frigor Mag Summons a massive ice spike from the ground, has a chance to freeze their target.
Ingle Mag Lobs a single large fireball, has a chance to inflict Burning.
Anodyne Mag Invokes a green sigil that heals other Salvation members and nearby Undead.

(Does not heal the Arisen or Pawns)



Item Drops


"Arisen...our mortal foe..."
"You are Arisen, then..."
"We are the ones who pray for the end"
"Time to go..." (escaping)

Pawn chatter

"A sorcerer, Master! Stay vigilant!"
"Strike while they conjure!"


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