Salde is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.

"We near our journey's end.
The final station of our long struggle..."


Salde is the Main Pawn of the former Arisen known as Savan. Like all pawns, Salde is shown to be loyal to his master, assisting the Arisen in battle and protecting him from enemies.

The story of how Savan came to choose Salde as a pawn, and of their adventures together, is told in the Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic.

Salde is shown to be of the Fighter vocation. Together with Quince and Morganna he assists Savan during the prologue quest, The End at the Beginning.

The Arisen, their Main pawn, Savan, and Salde are destined to meet at the end of the main quest, during The Great Hereafter.



Salde uses the following equipment: Crossed Cinquedea, Scarred Sentinel, Clerical Cap, Plated Coat, Grand Surcoat, Steel Gauntlets, Laborer's Breeches, and Steel Sabatons.

His skills are Burst Strike, Compass Slash, Shield Summons, and Springboard.


Savan and Salde

Savan and his pawn Salde

During The End at the Beginning

  • "How dark it's gotten! Have you a light source?"
  • "The dragon's roost is just beyond. We should hurry."
  • "We near our journey's end. The final station of our long struggle..."
  • "It shows itself!"
  • "It''s beyond imagining...."
  • "A gateway to the rift, here? Arisen, go and touch that stone."
  • "'Tis our valor, pit against the wyrm's evil..."
  • "No... I fear the whole of the vanguard has been slaughtered."
  • "More bodies... The wyrm must be made to settle this debt."
  • "We cannot suffer the wyrm to work any further atrocities."

Creating Salde

Listed below are the values used to create Salde.

Please note that a rough estimate is used when creating NPCs as official character creation numbers have not been announced.

Slider Scale = [ 2L - 1L - M - 1R - 2R ]

The colour scale represents all available selections in the editor. '00' would
be the top left most selection, if you were to highlight that in the editor
and press right once, you would hit 1R.

Colour Scale = [ 00 ] [ 1R ] [ 2R ] [ 3R ] [ 4R ] [ 5R ] [ 6R ]

               [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ]

               [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ]

Height 210 | Weight 141 | Voice 4

Face Type      14
     Colour    00 ( Glance at the scale above if your confused. )

Hair Type       4
     Colour    2R

Eye Type       10
    Position   1L
    Spacing     M
    Size       2L
    Colour     3R 2D

Brow Type       1
     Position  1L
     Spacing    M
     Colour    2R

Nose Type      35
     Position  1R
     Size      1R

Mouth Type     21
      Position 1R

Ear Type       Any ( Covered by helmet. )

Height         4R
Weight          M
Musculature    2R

Preset Body    11
Torso          12
Arms           10
Legs           12

Wrinkles        M

Facial Hair     4
       Colour  2R