In Dragon's Dogma running or sprinting is the fastest mode of travel available to characters.


Encumbrance Stamina use Speed
"Ultra Light" 85% 100%
Very Light 100% 100%
Light 117% 95%
Average 135% 82%
Heavy 165% 74%
Very Heavy 200% 67%
Overencumbered 200% 67%
Figures relative to very light encumbrance
Stamina use at Very Light ~40/sec

As forward motion increases, human characters will progressively walk, jog, and then lightly run. A special action (usually pressing in the movement analog stick) switches to running mode, during which stamina is rapidly used and the character takes on a sprinting posture, allowing dashing from place to place.

Running speed is unaffected by leg length, unlike walking or jogging. Running speed and stamina usage are affected negatively by increased encumbrance - the combination of increased stamina drain and reduced running speed reduces the distance a runner can travel by two thirds from very light to very heavy encumbrance. Additionally it seems that the type of torso a character has affects run speed (but not jog speed) - smaller torso run slightly faster.

The augment Leg-Strength reduces stamina use when sprinting to the next lower encumbrance level. The Dark Arisen augment Athleticism reduces stamina usage while running overall by about half.


A running character can perform a long jump of extra length once sprinting - this long jump uses further stamina. The distance of a running jump is affected by encumbrance, just as run speed is affected by encumbrance.

Running jumps are useful to access awkward places, such as some Badge of Vows locations, or, in Dark Arisen, a hanging corpse leading to the high cage holding a Macabre Sculpture in the Midnight Helix.

For spellcaster characters with the Levitate core skill or bow-based characters with Double Vault, the running jump is usually not needed; however, a running jump can be combined with either skill to make a jump of extra length - for example the eastern upper ledges in the dock area of Bitterblack Isle can be reached from the ground level by jumping from the low pillars to an island, then to a ledge - an extreme jump requiring a running start and a switch to Levitate or Double Vault allows access.


  • The speed of running is unaffected leg length (or type), or weight class. But is affected by a torso type.
  • Assassins can run (and jog) slightly faster than other vocations, similar to having the augment Leg-Strength equipped - ie one as if they were less encumbered. The effect is not quiet as good as Leg-Strength, and, stamina usage is not improved.
  • Character Height of itself does not seem to affect run speed - however it has a large effect on jogging speed.
    • Relative fatness (ie Character Weight at similar heights) does not seem to affect run speed or stamina use.
    • It seems that male characters run around 10% faster than female ones, even with the same torso, muscularity etc, and at the same encumbrance, and weight class.
  • Running into (or past) another person is considered impolite, and may reduce Affinity.
    • Running past or colliding with a worker or porter may cause shock, making them drop what they were carrying.
  • Pawns don't use stamina for running.
  • Stamina use in Hard Mode is not increased.

Alternatives to running

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