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Ruinous Sigil is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Perilous Sigil that implants a sigil into the ground that hits long-ranging foes with a devastating blast of energy and takes longer to dispel."

An advanced version of Perilous Sigil. Both Perilous and Ruinous Sigil have many uses, making them staples of the Mystic Knight's repertoire - the most common and useful effect is that of the sigil to fire a Great Cannon within its radius.

After a relatively brief incantation, this spell hits with a powerful shockwave and then places a circle of magick on the ground, enchanted with whatever archmagick the weapon carried. Any enemy trespassing into the field of the sigil is damaged and staggered or knocked back, and lighter enemies are thrown into the air.

Damage scales predominately with magick - the sigil also causes a small amount of Blunt Damage, deriving from the weapon used. For Magick, both character and weapon magick matter, with the caster's character Magick being more important.

Ruinous Sigil has nearly twice the radius of effect of Perilous Sigil, strikes around thrice as fast, and has slightly higher base power.

Usage, damage, and tactics[]

Skill Perilous
Duration 30s
Radius 1m 2m
Max Strikes 5 10
Discharge Rate 1 strike/sec 3 strike/sec
  • Up to two may be placed simultaneously on the battle field.
  • The sigils eventually dissipate after a certain amount of time; however, if rapidly triggered, such as by a large fallen enemy, the spell will disperse after a certain amount of rapidly triggered strikes.
  • Smaller (carriable) foes will generally be knocked up and out of the sigil's area.
  • The sigil's field of effect is tangential to the plane it is placed on, thus if one is placed on the edge of a tall wall, the sigil may be perpendicular to the ground. Placing two perpendicular Ruinous Sigils on either side of a wall can create a pinball effect between the sigils.
  • Flying or hovering foes will not trigger the sigil, just like enemies of a tentacle kind.
  • Some creatures may temporarily lose the ability to trigger the sigil, such as Poisoned Undead when vomiting.


Damage includes both the weapon's Strength and Magick, but only the caster's character Magick not their strength contributes to the spell's power - the character's Magick makes a much greater contribution to power than the weapon. Both Ruinous and Perilous Sigil scale in the same way with the higher tier spell having slightly more base power.

  • The physical damage is Blunt Damage, even when cast with a sword.

The sigils take on the element of the weapon enchantment used to produce it.  If the weapon was temporarily enchanted by a spell, the sigil will visibly echo the Elemental Attributes of the weapon; otherwise, the sigil is a plain bright white light.


  • A common use of the sigil is to place one or more at narrow choke points like hallways, or as a barrier in front of the Arisen to allow for safe spellcasting.
    • Planting a sigil on a Sorcerer about to cast a high level spell better ensures it will not be interrupted.
  • Many Mystic Knight skills can be combined for greater effect. One of the most effective is the combination with a Cannon spell, since firing the sigil also fires the cannon. For details see Great Cannon.
    • A Sigil can be fired by a caster pawn's Magick Agent, which will in turn fire a Great Cannon.
  • Planting a sigil near the weak point of a knocked down enemy is devastating, especially if the sigil carries an elemental affinity the enemy is weak to.
  • Sigils are good at staggering or even knocking over large enemies.
  • A Ruinous Sigil can be placed at any of the Beacon fires in Bitterblack Isle and the beacon will fire Holy Furor at enemies within range, multiplying the effect of both spells.