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Ruffled Feathers is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A warrior should have keen sight to strike even the smallest targets with precision. Lately the seabirds have been all over the fish we dry out in the village. Hunt some of them down and help hone your warrior's eye."

Slay two Seabirds


This quest is available on The Encampment notice board on first entering.

Numerous Seabirds can be found along the beach in Cassardis, along the Unusual Beach just outside of Cassardis, and elsewhere.

Use a bow, Ingle, or Burst Strike to catch the elusive Seabirds.

Warriors and Fighters may find it difficult to complete this quest as seabirds will usually fly off as neared, and pawns will not help to target these non threatening fauna - one strategy to complete the quest without a ranged weapon is by using the explosive barrels near the beach. It's still hard to hit them.


Ruffled Feathers (quest walkthrough)

Seabirds can be easily found along the beach just outside and inside Cassardis.