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Rowland is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Rowland is a wandering scholar involving himself in matters of the arcane.

At some point he came into possession of Salomet's Grimoire, but was robbed of it by Bandits whilst on the Manamia Trail. Later, after the quest Witch Hunt, he is found at the Guardian's Grave in the Witchwood.




During A Troublesome Tome

  • "I owe you a debt, ser... My thanks, truly."
  • "They were of the southron bandits, from the look of them. Worse than monsters, their kind... Thanks to you, I'm alive and whole, but those rats made off with all I had... Even took that magick book..."
  • "Mm? Have an interest in such tomes, do you? This was Salomet's grimorie. Seems it chanced to survive the blaze when the old council's library burned down. 'Tis a rare and powerful tome, as I hear it told, so I bought it from a merchant of my acquaintance. If it truly holds such power, the likes of Salvation would-- Er, it matters not. I-in any case, 'tis lost now to those damnable thieves. Next our paths cross, I'll take them for all they're worth."

During The Dragon's Tongue

  • "That slate you carry... Looks like aught of value, or scholarly interest, at the least. If you want those strange writings read, you'd best seek a man of letters. A priest, perhaps. Helping the masses is their calling, after all. You'll likely get your information, and free of cost, at that. 'Twould be my pleasure to help you myself, although I fear my rates are a bit higher. ...No? As you like, then."
  • "Why not bring that slate to a man of the cloth, ser? Might be they could decipher it. Don't let me keep you. I've a mind to rest here a while longer..."