Rotwood Depository is a location in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


Rotwood Depository is an area on Bitterblack Isle. The darkness that fills the area makes a lantern necessary. Yet, beacons are provided and, for a fee of 300 Rift Crystals, can be used to illuminate a small area, as well as do Holy damage to enemies within its radius for a time, much like the spell Holy Furor.

The Rotwood Depository is accessed through the Corridor of the Hallowed and leads to The Forgotten Hall.


Initial foes here include several Wraiths, a few Giant Saurian Sages and Skeleton Sorcerers, an Eliminator as well as Leapworms and Snakes.

An Elder Ogre may randomly appear at any stage.

Post-Daimon foes include Snakes, Leapworms and either Saurian Sages, Goblin Shamans and Skeleton Sorcerers or Wraiths, three Silver Knights, Vile Eyes, Specters and Living Armor.


A Macabre Sculpture can be found here. Additional items gathered or reconvered include Crimplecap, Giant Coin Pouch, Large Coin Pouch, Large Nut, Placative Brew, and Rift Crystals. Ore deposits likely yield Rubicite, Diamond, Hunk of Platinum, or Unremarkable Ore.

For possible Chest loot refer to map and table
Map Rotwood Depository

Chest Contents Maneater chance
1 Bitterblack Gear Lv.2 (rare), Rancid Bait Meat, Apostate's Anklet, Gleaming Bangles, Diadem

Pre-Daimon : Philosopher's Robe

Post-Daimon : Rift Bicrystal , Rift Polycrystal

2 Auspicious Incense (common), Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3, Month-Dried Harspud (common), Dreamwing Nostrum (common)
3 Rift Polycrystal, Rift Bicrystal, Bitterblack Armor Lv.2

Post-Daimon : Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2 (uncommon)

4 Rancid Bait Meat, Balmy Incense, Rousing Perfume, Jewel of Antilight

Pre-Daimon: Wakestone Shard, Sobering Wine

5 Rancid Bait Meat, Rousing Perfume

Pre-Daimon: Jewel of Antilight

Post-Daimon: Sobering Wine, Wakestone Shard

6 Dark Buckler, Dragon's Quickening, Dragons Risen, Frigid Finger, Rift Bicrystal

Pre-Daimon: Shattered Earth Tome

7 Dark Buckler, Dragon's Quickening, Dragons Risen, Frigid Finger

Pre-Daimon : Shattered Earth Tome , Rift Bicrystal , Jewel of Summoning

8 Bitterblack Armor Lv.1, Mage's Talisman, Tagilus's Miracle, Rift Bicrystal
9 Snakeskin Purse, Surging Light Tome, Iridescent Talisman, Lordly Tonic

Pre-Daimon: Rift Bicrystal

10 Bitterblack Armor Lv.1, Rift Bicrystal, Mage's Talisman

Pre-Daimon: Tagilus's Miracle

Unless otherwise noted all items should be expected to be possible to find at any time.

Pawn Chatter

" 'Tis well and truly flooded."
"The dark grows deeper...thicker."
"This place is sure death without a lantern."
"To relight a wet lantern, remove it, then withdraw it anew."
" 'Tis the makings of a beacon fire, master. We neen but offer up rift crystals to light it.


  • Magick Archer's Ricochet Hunter is extremely effective in this dungeon, as its close quarters are conducive to using this powerful skill. Entire rooms can be safely cleared prior to the Arisen's entrance, taking out all the enemies within.
  • (BUG) The Skeleton Sorcerers will respawn every time the party re-enters the area.
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