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Rotten Ambrosial Meat is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Ambrosial meat, in better days. A meal this foul is sure to ravage the bowels."

An Ambrosial Meat that has matured past the Sour Ambrosial Meat stage, and simply become rotten. Though it restores 400 Stamina, it also inflicts Poison, and Torpor.


Obtained by letting an Sour Ambrosial Meat rot in the player's inventory for 2-3 days - a fresh Ambrosial Meat takes 4-5 days overall to become rotten.

Rotten Ambrosial meat is also obtained from the corpses of Stout Undead, Poisoned Undead, and the Ur-Dragon. It may also be found inside coffins in the Catacombs.


Component to

Item Item Product
Rotten Ambrosial Meat + Airtight Flask = Kept Rotten Ambrosial Meat
Rotten Ambrosial Meat + Verdigris Concoction = Staminal Drench