Rorric is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A villager from Cassardis who is a regular at Inez's Alehouse. He is always ready for another round."

Rorric drinks at Inez's Alehouse, and elsewhere.



  • "Were I your age, I'd run. Heh, take Inez with me too. If run...or set out to slay the beast myself, same as you. Last there was a dragon in Gransys, I was still a wee minnow."
  • "Now the wyrm is back, and I'm well old. I suppose I was never meant to play the champion."

During Deeper Trouble

  • "You'll not see me stealing down wells again, mark my words. I've learned my lesson well."
  • "As I recall it, old Adaro wanted to leave on his own Wyrm Hunt in his youth. You may not have his blood, but you're his child just the same, there's no denying."
  • "Course, last Wyrm Hunt, Adaro wasn't but a minnow back then, same as me. We both stayed right here in the village."
  • "Now, every time the wind carries in word of your exploits, his chest puffs out a bit more. There's no man likes to brag more than a proud father. And that's coming from a drunk."
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