Rook is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.

"Our fealty is sworn to you, Arisen."


Rook is a Pawn who joins the Arisen during the quest Upon a Pawn.

He is the first pawn the Arisen meets, and appears as the Arisen attempts to exit the main gate of Cassardis, being summoned from the nearby Riftstone. From there he acts as a guide, leading them to the Riftstone at The Encampment, and to the test of the quest Call of the Arisen.

As a Mage, Rook can heal, enchant weapons with fire, and cast Ingle.

If he happens to die to the Brine or is knocked unconscious during the quests Upon a Pawn and Call of the Arisen, he will continue to appear next to the Arisen whenever they move to different areas (after a loading screen) up until the Main pawn was created. After completing Call of the Arisen, he can be dismissed. Once dismissed, he may be summoned again in the Rift.


Rook uses the following equipment:

Creating Rook

Please note that a rough estimate is used when creating NPCs, as official character creation numbers have not been announced.

Click [Expand] to show the settings used to create Rook.

Slider Scale   =    [ 2L - 1L - M - 1R - 2R ]

          [ 4L - 3L - 2L - 1L - M - 1R - 2R - 3R - 4R ]

The colour scale represents all available selections in the editor. '00' would
be the top left most selection, if you were to highlight that in the editor
and press right once, you would hit 1R.

Colour Scale = [ 00 ] [ 1R ] [ 2R ] [ 3R ] [ 4R ] [ 5R ] [ 6R ]

               [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ]

               [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ]

               [ 3D ] [ 3D ] [ 3D ] [ 3D ] [ 3D ] [ 3D ] [ 3D ]

               [ 4D ] [ 4D ] [ 4D ] [ 4D ] [ 4D ] [ 4D ] [ 4D ]

Height 180 | Weight 76

Face Type       1
     Size      4R
     Colour    4D

Hair Type      37
     Colour    6R 1D

Eye Type        1
  V.Position   1L
    Spacing    1L
    Size       1L
    Colour     6R 1D

Brow Type       1
   V.Position  1L
     Spacing   1R
     Colour    6R 1D

Nose Type       1
   V.Position   M
     Size       M

Mouth Type      1
    V.Position 1R

Ears Type       1
    V.Position  M
     Position  2L

    Height     4R
    Weight      M
    Colour     4D

Musculature    2L

Torso           1
Arms            1
Legs            1

     Posture    M
     Stance     M

Scar            1

Wringle        1L

Facial Hair    18
       Colour  6R 1D


  • Rook's voice actor (voice 4) is Keith Silverstein. (IMDb link)
  • Rook is a level 6 Mage. He will likely be the Arisen's first introduction to the concept of certain creatures being weak to fire, but not the last.
  • Rook's name is derived from a rook, a chess piece. This play on words is a reference to the fact that he is a Pawn, which is also a type of chess piece.
  • During the cutscene that plays after the player chooses their Main Pawn's vocation, his voice is different from his in-game voice.


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