Rock is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.

For the larger kind, see Large Stone.


"An ordinary stone what might be thrown to make noise."

Rocks can mined from Ore deposit, and are found on the ground all over Gransys. Can also be stolen from Rats using Master Thief.

Rocks can be thrown at enemies to cause Thrown Damage or distraction.

Damage done by rocks seems to be directly related to the Arisen or pawn's core strength - see Thrown Damage.


Component to

Item Item Product
Rock + Sconce = Dragon’s Spit
Rock + Flammica = Dragon’s Spit
Rock + Ember Crystal = Throwblast x2
Rock + Necrophagous Loin = Throwblast
Rock + Clean Cloth = Absorbent Rag
Rock + Cassardite = Pretty Stone
Rock + Hunk of Ore = Pretty Stone
Rock + Unremarkable Ore = Pretty Stone


  • Does not upgrade any item.


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