Riftstone is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.

"Well met, Arisen. Can you hear our voice?"


"'Tis a riftstone, a stone etched with strange markings. It may be used to summon pawns from beyond."

Riftstones are portals scattered all across Gransys and Bitterblack Isle that only the Arisen can use to access the pawn network known as The Rift. The Riftstone within the Rift allows the Arisen to refine their search for Hired Pawns.

The Arisen's first significant interaction with a Riftstone forms part of the quest Call of the Arisen.



Location Notes
Cassardis Near the gate, next to the Barn
The Encampment In the Command Headquarters tent
The Mountain Waycastle At the southern gate, next to the soldiers and tents
Gran Soren Located within the Pawn Guild
Deos Hills Outside of the main Catacombs entrance
Bluemoon Tower Outside of the Tower, on Cutlass Cape
Greatwall Encampment Next to the main gate to The Greatwall
Rest Camp In Devilfire Grove
Travelers' Rest In Northface Forest
The Abbey Outside the Abbey, near the entrance

Bitterblack Isle

Location Rift Crystal Cost
Bitterblack Isle Harbor undamaged
Ward of Regret 3,500
The Warriors' Respite 5,000
Corridor of Emptiness 5,000
Fortress of Remembrance 15,000
Forsaken Cathedral 15,000
Corridor of the Hallowed 10,000
The Arisen's Refuge 25,000
Sparyard of Scant Mercy 25,000
The Fallen City 35,000

There are a total of ten Riftstone in Bitterblack Isle. Nine of these are broken and must be repaired before they can be used, necessitating a payment of Rift Crystals. As the player travels deeper into Bitterblack Isle, the repair costs become more expensive.


Starfall Bay Riftstone

  • Time in the Rift and the rest of the world are not connected, so no matter how much time is spent in the Rift, the outside world will remain unchanged.
    • Entering and exiting the Rift through a Riftstone will sometimes cause minor changes in the world, such as creatures reappearing.
  • When an Arisen's Main Pawn dies and returns to the Rift, touching a Riftstone will revive and retrieve them. Items in the Main Pawn's inventory remain there during their off-time.
  • Standing next to a Riftstone will fully heal the Arisen's pawns and restore stamina. Entering a Riftstone will clear all Debilitations from the party.
  • A special Riftstone appears at Starfall Bay during New Game Plus. It will transport the Arisen and their party directly to the Chamber of Lament in The Everfall where the Ur-Dragon can be found and fought.
  • Once a broken Riftstone is repaired, the Arisen will not have to do so again upon subsequent visits, even in New Game Plus.
  • Repairing a broken Riftstone creates an autosave point which can be returned to by choosing Retry upon death or by reloading the game after choosing to quit without saving.
  • Entering a Riftstone creates a Checkpoint save.
  • Riftstones can gradually decay, as the From A Different Sky questline states:
    "The riftstones you see are not eternal. As Arisen and the pawns that use them, age after age, time takes its toll... the slabs crumble, their otherworldly light solidifying into small medallions. One could call them proof of the pledge between Arisen and his pawns... Arisen. Touch this proof and rededicate yourself to the bond."
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