Rift Crystal Pack is a DLC pack containing Rift Crystals and was available as downloadable content items for Dragon's Dogma. It was released on May 22, 2012.

Note This DLC is no longer available to download from the Xbox LIVE marketplace.
Since the release of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, this DLC has been replaced by Olra's Rift Crystal Pack.

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"Hire on any pawn with this pack of 2,000 Rift Crystals. After purchase, it is necessary to add the Rift Crystals to your saved data. Once they have been added, the item will disappear. This bonus can be bought multiple times."
  • You must complete the prologue quest before Rift Crystals will be reflected in your game.
  • Data transfer errors or other problems could cause data to not be added to the saved data. There are no returns or refunds in such cases. Please be careful.
  • Priced at: $0.99 (Xbox 360 and PS3)


2,000 Rift Crystals
Rift Crystal Pack
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