Rift Crystal Pack

Rift Crystals are items, and a form of currency in Dragon's Dogma.


Rift Crystals are a currency used in Dragon's Dogma. There are multiple ways to both earn and spend them. They can be acquired by having the Main pawn hired by other Arisens through the Rift, can be dropped by defeated enemies, may be found in chests, and can be obtained as rewards from Quests.

They are used to rarify dragonforged items with Barroch, to repair broken Riftstones on Bitterblack Isle, and to purify cursed items with Olra. They are also used for renting Hired Pawns from the Rift, and can also be exchanged for weapons, armor, inclination elixirs and cosmetic items from the Rift Shop.


When a foe is dispatched, it may drop a Rift Crystal - these Rift Crystal drops are more common in The Everfall (Post-Dragon) or on Bitterblack Isle, but do occur in Gransys, even from relatively mundane creatures such as Wolves and Goblins. Monsters located on Bitterblack Isle have the highest chance of dropping Rift Crystals.

There are nine different types of Rift Crystals: three were found in Gransys in Dragon's Dogma, and nine more types are found only in Dark Arisen on Bitterblack Isle.

Name Rift Crystals
Dragon's Dogma Rift Fragment 100
Rift Crystal 400
Rift Cluster 800
Dark Arisen Rift Crystal Speck 30
Rift Crystal Flake 50
Rift Crystal Chunk 200
Rift Bicrystal 2,000
Rift Polycrystal 5,000
Perfect Rift Crystal 10,000 or more

Obtaining Rift Crystals

Rift Crystals may be dropped as items that can be picked up, bought, obtained as quest rewards, and gained by a fellow Arisen hiring one's Main Pawn.

From Pawn Hires

To enable more hires of the Arisen's pawn one can either:

  • Make sure the pawn is well turned out, well equipped, and has suitable Inclinations and skills.
  • Create one or more alternative accounts and hire one's own pawns.
  • There is a 1,000,000 (one million) Rift Crystal limit on rewards per rental, effective between each time the Hired Pawn is released into the Rift by the renter and the instance when the owner Arisen sleeps at an inn or bench.
  • Join a group and forum and request or participate in hiring - several exist on Facebook, GameFaqs, Reddit and so on. For links, see Trading and Gifting § Hiring and Trading Websites.

In Dragon's Dogma:

  • In the original Dragon's Dogma, resting at an inn occasionally caused the game itself to hire one's Main Pawn and award the Arisen with a level-based amount of Rift Crystals; i.e., the higher the Arisen's level, the higher the amount of crystals received. A level 200 pawn earned 1,500 RC from the game's offline rent.

From Quests

A good way to get Rift Crystals, is completing the From a Different Sky quests. There are 100 badges to find, and each one nets at least 1,600 RC. Once collected, these badges remain in the inventory or storage and can be used to rapidly complete these quests on subsequent playthroughs, making further accumulation of Crystals, experience and money almost effortless.

Obtaining Rift Crystal Items

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Screenshot RC7

Heptagon shaped crystal drop from a Maneater

  • Equip the secret augment Fortune to dramatically increase the 100 RC drops from slain creatures.

Purchase with Real World Money

Rift Crystals may also be purchased with real world money, not in-game gold, on console. These microtransactions are not available on the PC version, or on the PS4,  XONE or Switch releases.

Version Name Rift Crystals Cost (USD)
Dragon's Dogma Rift Crystal Pack 2000 $0.99
Rift Crystal Bulk Pack 15,000 $5.99
Dark Arisen Olra's Rift Crystal Pack Knight Pack 2,000 $0.99
Queen Pack 5,000 $1.99
King Pack 30,000 $4.99
The original packs were replaced with the release of Dark Arisen, and are no longer available.

Estimating Rift Crystals obtained from Pawn Hires

See also Experience Points § Increasing/Decreasing Experience Gain
Pawn Rift Crystals
Condition Modifier
Full party -
Two pawns +25%
One Pawn +25% twice
No pawns +25% thrice
Pawn is higher level +1% per level (+25% max)
Pawn is lower level -1% per level (-25% max)

Rift Crystal earnings for hired Pawns are one tenth of the number of Experience Points the pawn would have earned during their hire, but only experience earned from combat, not quests.

For each creature slain the Base Monster Experience Points amount is multiplied by modifiers, which are determined by the level of the support pawn relative to the Arisen, Main Pawn and other party member at the time of the monster's death.

An empty party slot is equivalent to a 25% bonus.

The rift crystal earnings of pawn are also modified by the relative levels of the pawn and the other party members, including the Arisen. Higher leveled allies gain more rift crystal rewards because they are assumed to be making a better contribution. For each level the pawn is above orbelow each other party member it gains +1% or -1% crystals. The modifier is capped at +/- 25%.


The Arisen is level 80, and is accompanied by level 90 and level 40 hired pawns, whilst the main pawn is absent. The party kills a Gorecyclops (Condemned). (Base 57,000 XP) - equating to a base Rift Crystal reward of 5,700.

Condition Lvl 90 pawn modifier Lvl 40 pawn modifier
Lvl. 90 pawn - -25%
Lvl. 40 pawn +25% -
Arisen Lvl.80 +10% -25%
Pawn absent +25% +25%
Total multiplier 1.25*1.1*1.25 = 1.72x (+72%) 0.75*0.75*1.25 = 0.70x (-30%)
Experience 9797 4007
  • The Lvl.40 pawn receives 25% less crystals due to the Lvl.90 pawn contributing more
  • The Lvl.90 pawn receives 25% more crystals due to it contributing more than the Lvl.40 pawn
  • The Lvl.90 and Lvl.40 pawns receive +10% and -25% crystals respectively due to them being higher/lower leveled than the Lvl.80 Arisen
  • Each pawn gains a +25% modifier as there are only 3 party members
  • Modifiers are cumulative.


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