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Reward and Responsibility is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Accept the Duke's Treasures."

A Royal Orders Quest. The Arisen's star is rising following his good work for the Duchy - Duke Edmun has set another task which this time involves the Arisen going a long way away for an extended period of time.

However, circumstances beyond the Duke's control intervene - a Salvation attack on The Greatwall. Travel with haste there and put down the cultists.



Reward and Responsibility (quest walkthrough)

Raid the treasury after saving Gran Soren from the rampaging Cockatrice. The locked chest will not open if the Arisen gave the Duke a forged Wyrmking's Ring. The real Wyrmking's Ring, however, is a unique item worth keeping. A character carrying the real ring in their inventory will experience shorter spell casting times.

Caution! Upon completion of this quest, the quests Rise of the Fallen, Talent in Bloom, A Parting Gift and Arousing Suspicion will no longer be available or will be automatically failed if already begun.

Duke Edmun has another mission for the Arisen. Meet him in his upstairs solar on the western side of the second floor. After speaking with him, follow him down to the guarded Treasury room and collect a sizable reward.

Part of the reward is contained in a chest that can only be opened by the Wyrmking's Ring - depending on the Arisen's action during the quest of the same name the Duke may not be able to open the chest if he only has a forgery.

Aldous then warns that this is going to be a "long campaign", which never occurs due to intervening events. A messenger (Ser Ivo,) brings news of an attack on The Greatwall, changing the Duke's plans for the Arisen. This will complete Reward and Responsibility and start Deny Salvation.



  • The Message is unlocked upon completion of Reward and Responsibility.


  • Mirabelle will seek the Arisen's help with the lady Aelinore if Arousing Suspicion was completed earlier. If so she may be found around the Demesne seeking the Arisen to take on the quest Duchess In Distress.
  • There is no great haste in retaking the Greatwall - the Salvation members will not advance further if they are not dealt with immediately.
  • It is possible to still obtain the Paladin's Mantle by theft even if the Arisen gave Aldous a forged copy of the Wyrmking's Ring. See the article Treasury for details of breaking in.
  • If the Treasury was burgled before Reward and Responsibility the gold will be renewed, but if the chest was opened the Duke will not attempt to open it himself - for more details see Treasury.
  • While the quest is active, the Night Watch won't arrest you for being in the Demesne too late.
  • The door to the Treasury won't open if you try to break in, after starting this quest.
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