Reset is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Returns the user to a neutral stance, eliminating openings caused by other actions."

Using Reset immediately ends the action (animation) after or during skill usage - this can be used to immediately end mis-aimed attacks, or to rapidly terminate end of skill actions.

NB The skill can only be performed once in the air, before landing - so, for example repeated Double Vault/Instant Reset chains can not be used to jump extreme distances.


  • Upgrades to Instant Reset.
    • Does not end enemy provoked reactions like stagger, getting stuck, flinching, or knockdown. The Instant Reset upgrade allows the Arisen to interrupt both types of animations.
  • Use Reset as an emergency dismount while climbing a monster to avoid being grabbed and eaten. The Arisen can even immediately re-grab a lower part of the monster on the way down and climb back up.
  • Works for practically all self-performed actions e.g. even allows faster equipping/unequipping/re-lighting of a lantern.
  • (Magick Archer) For higher jumps, try this combo: Double Vault, Reset, Sunflare while in mid-air.
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