Rat Catcher is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"If there is one thing I cannot abide, it's mice! Even just to think of them makes me ill. The other day I took the number of rodents in my home and tabulated their number in all the realm... I nearly fainted. In any case, I want them dead! As many as you can manage."

Slay seven Mice.


This quest becomes available on Pablos' Inn notice board immediately after Harbinger of Destruction.

Mice, and rats are common underground and in dank places - they can be found in Dripstone Cave, The Watergod's Altar, The Catacombs and very small ones are seen in the Venery.

Slay seven for a reward of 500 Gold and 1,300 Exp.

Rat Catcher (quest walkthrough)

Rat Catcher (quest walkthrough)

Dripstone Cave contains more than the 7 rats needed to complete this quest.


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