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Raptor Armor Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


An armor that calls to mind the markings of birds of prey.

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Core Set Pieces
Optional or lesser pieces

The Raptor Armor Set is a complete armor set suited to use by Magick Archers, and also usable by Sorcerers. It continues and improves upon the design principles used in the Novice's Armor Set for Magick Archers - that is: arm armor giving completely free hand use; greaves suitable for an offensively orientated melee vocation; in combination with a heavy magicians overcoat.

Raptor unders rear

Rear of the underclothes showing more of the bird like pattening

The Bliaut and Seeker Tights form a matching pair of undergarments with a patterned design with a significance that may not be immediately discerned. Add to this the Raptor Cuisses and the bird inspired design starts to become apparent - the only patterned parts of the tights are visible through the unarmoured gaps in the cuisses. The cloth design shows inspiration from the barred and striped patterns found on the chests of hawks, falcons, owls and other birds, whilst the segmental armor of the cuisses recall the tail feathers.

The armor is completed by matching Bronze Bangles and Dalmatica - the Dalmatica continues the hawk inspired design with another form of hawk feather pattening (in the form of eyes) on the sleeves; it also incorporates a matching tabard with mystic scribblings on, which presumably, add to the magical power of this coat.

The Bliaut and Hoods are restricted to spellcasters only, whilst the Dalmatica removes the option of Mystic Knight from those vocations, and the Raptor cuisses restrict use to only advanced or hybrid vocations. If a mage would wear this set the Mage's Shoes can be worn, which are an identical footwear to that used in the cuisses.

Together the set gives resistance to the all the five archmagicks except dark, with an emphasis on thunder and ice, plus strong defense against numerous debilitations. An additional strength and magic boost is given, giving a further boon to Magick Archers.

For headwear the Crowned Hood (or the uncrowned Feather Hood) add further torpor and ice protection and continue the avian theme. For cloaks both the Magnanimous Cloak and Feather Cape match equally, with the cloak a better match for the hood.


From left to right:
(far left) Seeker tights and Raptor Cuises; (left) Undeclothes and mage's shoes; (center) underclothes and cuisses; (right) complete set with magnanimous cloak; (far right) complete set with feather cape


Values refer to the full set, including undercloths, with the feather cape.
Stars 0t
Stars 1t
Stars 2t
Stars 3t
DFIcon SRIcon GRIcon
N/A 11150 gold 26380 G

Elongated Claw x3
Miasmite x3
Anathema Grass x4
Shroud x3
Hunk of Ore x3
Griffin Pinion x2
Silk x1

106,710 G

Great Griffin Claw x1
Slick Black Pinion x2
Griffin Pinion x1
Miasmite Shard x5
Copper Ore x2
Immortelle x2
Glacial Pinion x4

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4650 RC

Gnarled Fingernails x5
Shamanic Reagents x6
Lunanise x6
Corpse Nettle x4
Maleficent Heart Shard x2
Strigoi Barb x2
Siren Patagium x3

11,000 RC

Elder Ogre Claw x2
Macabre Eye x2
Siren Tailfin x2
Striped Pelt x4
Diamond x2
Godly Analeptic x4
Siren Tailfin x2

Defense 104 111 118 136 168 204 264
Magick Defense 185 208 220 248 283 325 386
Piercing Resist 1 1 1 3 7 9 13
Striking Resist 3 3 3 5 9 12 15
Stagger Resist 28 28 28 30 36 39 44
Knockdown Resist 27 27 27 29 35 38 43
Elemental Resist Lightning +7%
Holy +3%
Fire +1%
Ice +7%
Lightning +7%
Holy +3%
Fire +1%
Ice +7%
Lightning +11%
Holy +6%
Fire +2%
Ice +12%
Lightning +21%
Holy +8%
Fire +4%
Ice +18%
Lightning +30%
Holy +10%
Fire +6%
Ice +26%
Lightning +34%
Holy +11%
Fire +7%
Ice +29%
Lightning +46%
Holy +14%
Fire +10%
Ice +38%
Debilitation Resist Curse +9%<

Silence +12%
Skill Stifling +9%
Sleep +12%
Torpor 25%

Curse +9%<

Silence +12%
Skill Stifling +9%
Sleep +12%
Torpor +25%

Curse +9%

Lowered Mag +8%
Silence +19%
Skill Stifling +18%
Sleep +24%
Torpor +43%

Curse +18%

Lowered Strength +15%
Lowered Magick +31%
Petrification +11%
Silence +26%
Skill Stifling +18%
Sleep +36%
Torpor +73%

Curse +27%

Lowered Strength +30%
Lowered Magick +54%
Petrification +22%
Silence +43%
Skill Stifling +18%
Sleep +48%
Torpor +87%

Curse +27%

Lowered Strength +30%
Lowered Magick +54%
Petrification +22%
Silence +43%
Skill Stifling +27%
Sleep +48%
Torpor +108%

Curse +36%

Lowered Strength +45%
Lowered Magick +77%
Petrification +33%
Silence +55%
Skill Stifling +36%
Sleep +60%
Torpor +138%

Weight 6.36 6.28 5.88 5.26 4.79 4.79 4.79
+ 3 Strength / + 4 Magick
  • Swapping Mage's shoes for the cuisses adds silence, fire and ice resistance, and loses skill stifling, lowered strength and lower magick resistances, as well as reducing stagger and knockdown resistance, plus a small reduction in defense. The +3 strength boost is also lost.
  • The feather hood lacks the petrification resistance of the crowned hood, and is lightly inferior in terms of general defense, it is also half the weight.
  • The magnanimous cloak replaces the lightning and silence resistances of the feather cape with protection from all lowering of both physical and magickal attack and defense properties - both are similar in base defense, though the cape weighs half that of the cloak.


  • This design of armor reaches its zenith in the Holy Armor Set.
  • The name "Raptor armor" is not given in Dragon's Dogma - the title given is merely an convenience here.
  • Once the Dalmatica is worn the undergarments are completely obscured, excluding the shoes.
  • The sorcerer Salomet wears or wore parts of this set.
  • This set is shown in detail in the Dragon's Dogma Official Design Works (p.264) - in the publication the set is also shown with a 'cape' similar in design to that of the Ancient Cape (or Heresy Cloak).
    • An interesting alternative cloak is Conqueror's Mantle which extends the set's protection to all five Archmagicks, and makes a striking finish to a Sorcerer's robes.