For a list of locations in which the bait will work, see Necrophage.

Rancid Bait Meat is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A hunk of flesh redolent with a sickly sweet aroma. Place it within an area of Bitterblack Isle to increase the chance of carrion-feeding monsters appearing."

Placing Bait Meat in certain areas causes a Necrophage to appear.



2 Star Enhancement


  • If the bait is placed outside the locale within the area the Necrophage is set to appear the creature will not spawn until the party enters that specific place.
  • Each bait guarantees Necrophage to appear on two subsequent visits.
    • Next bait may not work in the same location (quitting and loading fixes this).
  • Necrophages appear randomly too. In such cases they will sometimes be seen feasting on some meat from an unknown source - in other cases the creature will appear from nowhere.
  • (Exploit) The meat can be used to repeatedly battle Necrophages - for details see Farming Exploits.


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