Dragon's Dogma - Rabbit

Rabbits are naturally occurring Fauna in Dragon's Dogma.


Rabbits are harmless medium-sized mammals that roam roads, plains and woods.

Generally timid, rabbits will run away if the Arisen comes near. They are common along Seabreeze Trail, in the open area southwest of The Mountain Waycastle, and in an open area in the Deos Hills to the west and south of the Conquest Road also inhabited by Boars. They are also found in the Witchwood, and in Duskmoon Tower on Bitterblack Isle (Pre-Daimon).

When killed, their corpses may yield a Rabbit Pelt, Scrag of Beast, or a Carrot.

If stolen from using Master Thief, rabbits may give an Apple, Berry, Carrot, or Greenwarish.


The following quests involve rabbits. Or rather the slaying of rabbits:


  • Grabbing and throwing a rabbit will instantly kill it.
  • They often drop 100 RC when slain by a character with the Fortune augment equipped.
  • Use of the Repeller Bow shows that a rabbit has 1 hit point of health.