"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Quina is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.



After the Dragon's attack, Quina discovers the Arisen is still alive on the beach at Cassardis.  She begins her own quest to find a cure for the Arisen's affliction. Quina first seeks out the so-called witch Selene in the Witchwood for knowledge of a cure, she later joins the Faith and becomes a nun at the Abbey to further her search. Her swift development and skill in her practice of the Faith grants her a journey to the Grand Cathedral at Auldring in the mainland, whose library is said to be the greatest repository of knowledge on the Dragon.


Nun Quina

Quina at the abbey as a nun.

Initially Quina lives in Cassardis. She leaves the village during the quest Lost and Found and heads to the Witchwood in search of a cure for the Arisen's strange condition.

After Lost and Found Quina joins the Faith and becomes an acolyte nun at The Abbey in the Wilted Forest. There she seeks advancement in order to be allowed to visit the Grand Cathedral on the Mainland.

During the quest A Parting Gift she will be briefly found in the Catacombs, after which Quina will leave for the Mainland.


"Quina was born to a mother of the healing Faith, and a father, rough around the edges like most fishermen, who was one of the many that sustains the small fishing village of Cassardis. Having little contact with him, Quina was raised strongly influenced by her mother and her gentle nature. As a result, Quina was often picked on by the other children. You were the only child in Cassardis who did not take part in the bullying and even defended Quina. Having lost your own parents at a tender age, you did not hesitate to stand up to those who bullied Quina and her mother, fearless of injury or reproach. Thus, you appeared as nothing less than a hero in her young eyes. When the other children heaped abuses upon you in return for your bravery, the meek Quina began to search for a way to return your kindness.

Upon her parents’ passing, alone in the world, Quina grew into a beautiful young woman and she focused on learning the basics of healing magicks. The people of Cassardis, making their living on the sea, often suffered injuries both large and small. Quina healed the injured fishermen free of charge, sometimes staying by their bedsides to nurse them back to health. This role made Quina a vital part of the village and many came to praise her for her kindness and mercy, and for acquiring such healing powers all for the sake of the village. However, her true motivation in acquiring these valuable skills was to be able to heal the one person she cares most for: you, who were constantly covered in bumps and scrapes from your adventures. You, who had suffered blows and kicks to protect her from childhood bullies. Quina only learned her magick to help you—and all of her effort seems to have been for naught when you decide to leave Cassardis. She begins to question what she is doing in the village. She begins to question her own value. For the second time in her life, she chooses a new path—all for the sake of her one and only hero
―(Quina's Tale).[1]


  • "How fares your wound? You seem better than before."

During Venture Forth

  • "I spoke of you to the Faith, but they had no aid to give. It seems my only hope it's to pray. And I fear the Maker only answers such in His own time."
  • "Unlike some, you've taken the role of Arisen to heart, no? Well, I'll not be outdone. If this is to be my role, I shall fill it with all that I am."
  • "I wish to complete my training to the end, and do so without assistance. I cannot beg help while you strive to save the world entire. Please... Let me do as I must."

During Talent in Bloom

  • "I came here to the abbey in hopes they might find me worthy to send on to the Grand Cathedral in Auldring... No place holds so much wisdom concerning the dragon as there.."
  • "While I am here, I train as a sister of the Faith. I'm to gather flowers. They say I've talent as a healer. That if I labor hard enough, I... They say I'll learn to grant blessings upon others through flowers. I fear I am a poor judge of such things... Still, what you say, cousin?"
  • "'Tis said a blessing of flowers leaves the recipient awash with joyous feeling. ...Any luck? Though, in truth, 'tis the Mother Superior here I must convince of my abilities, and the priests. I must show them I've an aptitude as a healer. But as I said before, I've little notion what to expect..."

After Deny Salvation

  • "Y-you met the dragon? And yet, you live... You would duel the beast... I can see it in your eyes. ... Don't. To face the dragon is folly! I care not they name you Arisen! I care not what powers, what magicks you possess... No man can hope to stare down that creature and live..."
  • "I remember cradle tales of the Arisen. Not all their kind did battle with the dragon. There must be some other means... You have a choice. You need not trod a path leading to doom."
  • "I could rail like a priest from the pulpit, but to what end? You will fight the dragon. I suppose I may take some small solace at your conviction to face the wyrm. Such is your nature, and there's no struggle in the face of it."


  • Quina is the only human character to recognize the Arisen has changed in the aftermath of The Great Hereafter.
  • Quina is one of four characters together with Ophis, the Duke, and Aelinore, who addresses or acknowledges the Arisen's gender.  She openly states such immediately after the Dragon marks the Arisen.
  • It does not appear in the game, but there is a set of clothes assigned to Quina that are referred to as "One Piece of The Fishermen".
  • Quina bears a Wooden Staff and will heal the Arisen and party with High Anodyne when she accompanies them on quests. She will not do so until one person in the party is below 50% health. She will defend herself with High Ingle if necessary, and has been observed using High Comestion, Holy Affinity, and High Spellscreen during the fight with the Specter in the Catacombs during A Parting Gift.
Quina Location Glitch

Quina Location Glitch

Glitch involving Quina's location.

  • (Glitch) ps3Ps3 x256px, xbox360360 x256px: In Dark Arisen, a location glitch has been reported which spawns another Quina. Oddly, she can be found at the same location or at both spawn locations (Cassardis and The Abbey) by traveling from one area to the other whether it be by foot or Ferrystone. No solution has been found for this odd glitch, however no reports have surfaced if it affects the game in a negative way.



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