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Quests are the storylines and tasks that the Arisen may undertake during the events of Dragon's Dogma or Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Quests are subdivided into Main Quests, Sidequests, Escort Quests and other Notice Board Quests, and Dark Arisen Notice Board quests.


Main Quests must be completed to progress the Arisen's storyline. They are the primary quests.

Sidequests are independent series of quests during which the Arisen can assist certain NPCs. Completing these sidequests develops the concerned character's story arc.

Notice Board Quests are advertised on various boards around Gransys. These Notice Board Quests also include Escort Quests.

While roaming the wilds of Gransys there are also randomly encountered and unmarked 'mini-quests' such as Ambush! and Leave No Prisoners.


  • The Main Quest progression changes the inventory of peddlers.
  • There are pivotal moments throughout the Arisen's Main Quests, which divide the storyline into six main stages and the seventh, final Post-Game stage.
  • Sidequests and notice board quests become (and cease) to be available depending on the progression of the Arisen's Main Quests.

Main Quests

Main Quests  Sidequests Stage
Now available Failed or no longer available
The End at the Beginning Prologue
Harbinger of Destruction Stage 1
Newly Arisen Floral Delivery, Lost Faith, Grim Tidings
Upon a Pawn Unnamed event to save Reynard from Goblins on Seabreeze Trail
Call of the Arisen Guard Duty, Deep Trouble

Strength in Numbers (on completion)

A Rude Awakening An Uninvited Guest, Lost and Found Grim Tidings (on starting), Strength in Numbers (on completion)
Off With Its Head A Troublesome Tome, Deeper Trouble, Reaper's Scorn, Search Party, Of Merchants and Monsters Floral Delivery, Lost Faith, Guard Duty Stage 2
A Matter of Myrmidons Dying of Curiosity, Land of Opportunity, Thick as Thieves, No Honor Among Thieves
Lure of the Abyss Chasing Shadows, Escort Duty Lost and Found
Wyrm Hunt Quests Rise of the Fallen (requires Seeking Salvation)

Griffin cart attack event on Estan Plains may now occur.

Stage 3
Come to Court The Conspirators, Idol Worship, Supplier's Demand, Nameless Terror, An Innocent Man, Supply and Demands.

Also the character quests : Quina's Talent in Bloom, A Parting Gift. Valmiro's Farewell, Valmiro, Aelinore's Arousing Suspicion, Selene's Witch Hunt.

(After Witch Hunt also Mettle Against Metal, and The Dragon's Tongue.)

Reaper's Scorn, Chasing Shadows, A Troublesome Tome, Dying of Curiosity Stage 4
Griffin's Bane
Trial and Tribulations
The Conspirators, Supply and Demands
The Wyrmking's Ring
Pride Before a Fall
Bad Business Stage 5
Honor and Treachery
Reward and Responsibility Rise of the Fallen, Arousing Suspicion, Talent in Bloom, and A Parting Gift
Deny Salvation Duchess In Distress Land of Opportunity

(other character arc quests may fail if that person was the Arisen's beloved)

Stage 6
The Final Battle (A Warm Welcome becomes available on completion) Bad Business, Deep Trouble, An Uninvited Guest, Thick as Thieves, No Honor Among Thieves, Of Merchants and Monsters, Deeper Trouble, Escort Duty, The Dragon's Tongue, Nameless Terror, An Innocent Man, Farewell, Valmiro, Search Party, Witch Hunt
Fathom Deep Idol Worship, Supplier's Demand, A Warm Welcome, Mettle Against Metal Stage 7


Final Judgement
The Great Hereafter
All Finale
† These main quests form exceptions as starting as opposed to finishing this quest causes quests to fail

Character Arcs

A few important characters have their own story arcs. In general each of their quests must be done in turn for the next in their story arc to play out. Amongst others Mercedes and Julien have notable story arcs, but progression in these is not dependent on other events.

Person Quest Becomes available Becomes unavailable
Madeleine Guard Duty complete Call of the Arisen complete Off With Its Head
Chasing Shadows accept Lure of the Abyss starting Come to Court
Supplier's Demand complete Come to Court after The Final Battle
Bad Business complete The Wyrmking's Ring and Pride Before a Fall on completing Fathom Deep
Quina Lost and Found complete A Rude Awakening on starting Lure of the Abyss
Talent in Bloom complete Come to Court complete Reward and Responsibility
A Parting Gift
Aelinore - speak to her during Come to Court after Come to Court
Arousing Suspicion after Come to Court on starting Reward and Responsibility
Duchess In Distress after accepting Deny Salvation The Final Battle

(Deny Salvation if Aelinore becomes the Beloved)

Selene Lost and Found complete A Rude Awakening on starting Lure of the Abyss
Witch Hunt after Come to Court after The Final Battle
Valmiro Dying of Curiosity complete A Matter of Myrmidons starting Come to Court
Farewell, Valmiro after Come to Court after The Final Battle


The (informally) numbered "stages" start and end with key main questline achievements. Progression between stages also causes sidequests, escort quests, and other noticeboard quests to appear, disappear (in the case of escort quests), or fail (in the case of sidequests).

Stage Begins Ends
Prologue The End at the Beginning
Stage 1 Harbinger of Destruction Off With Its Head
Stage 2 Off With Its Head The first Wyrm Hunt Quest
Stage 3 First Wyrm Hunt Quest Come to Court
Stage 4 Come to Court Trial and Tribulations/Griffin's Bane
Stage 5 Trial and Tribulations/Griffin's Bane Reward and Responsibility
Stage 6

Reward and Responsibility

The Final Battle
Stage 7
The Final Battle The Great Hereafter (The End)


Stage Location Quests Notes
1 Cassardis Guard Duty Talk to Madeleine at the inn after finishing Call of the Arisen.
Deep Trouble Talk to Poll, near the well.
Floral Delivery Talk to Benita in the ruined house east of the inn. Finish before Off With Its Head.
Grim Tidings Talk to Elvar. Finish before starting A Rude Awakening.
Lost Faith Talk to Father Clemente. Finish before Off With Its Head.
Seabreeze Trail Search Party Saving Reynard from goblins on the path to the Encampment on the first trek from Cassardis to the Encampment is a prerequisite.
The Encampment Strength in Numbers Becomes available after gaining access to the Riftstone.
2 Cassardis An Uninvited Guest Talk to Pablos, the innkeeper.
Lost and Found Talk to Adaro near the town gate. Finish before Lure of the Abyss.
Deeper Trouble Talk to Rorric inside the well (requires Deep Trouble).
Dying of Curiosity Talk to Merin, on the beach. Finish before starting Come to Court.
Gran Soren A Troublesome Tome Talk to Steffen, east of Fountain Square.
Chasing Shadows Talk to Mason, near Fountain Square. Finish before starting Come to Court.
Land of Opportunity Talk to Fournival.
Escort Duty Talk to Fournival in his home in the Noble Quarter (requires Land of Opportunity).
Reaper's Scorn Talk to Austine in the Craftsman's Quarter's smithy.
The Ancient Quarry Of Merchants and Monsters Talk with Alon, by the northern quarry entrance.
The Ruins of Aernst Castle No Honor Among Thieves Talk to Maul (An Uninvited Guest is required for an alternative outcome).
Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort- Thick as Thieves Talk to Ophis (Avoid undisguised males in the party when speaking with Ophis).
3 Be sure to speak with Lady Aelinore in her garden after the first audience with the Duke during Come to Court
4 Cassardis An Innocent Man Talk to Tomlin on the northern side of town.
Farewell, Valmiro Talk to Valmiro on the steps by the beach (requires Dying of Curiosity).
Gran Soren The Conspirators Talk to Fedel, on the castle upper floor. Finish before Trial and Tribulations and Griffin's Bane.
Arousing Suspicion Talk to Mirabelle in the castle foyer. Make sure you spoke with Lady Aelinore in her garden after your first audience with the Duke. Finish before starting Reward and Responsibility.
Idol Worship Talk to Caxton.
Supplier's Demand Talk to Madeleine at her store in the Venery. (Requires success in Chasing Shadows)
Rise of the Fallen Talk to Ser Maximillian (requires Seeking Salvation).
Witch Hunt Overhear the people talking around Fountain Square (requires Lost and Found).
Gransys Nameless Terror Leave the town by the southern gate and speak to Ser Rickart (requires the Wyrm Hunt Quest Seeking Salvation).
The Abbey Talent in Bloom Talk to Quina. Finish before starting Reward and Responsibility.
A Parting Gift Speak to Clarus (requires Talent in Bloom). Finish before starting Reward and Responsibility.
Witchwood The Dragon's Tongue Pick up the Ancient Tablet by the gravesite (requires Witch Hunt; leave and return to Witchwood to initiate it).
Mettle Against Metal Approach the Metal Golem (requires Witch Hunt; leave and return to Witchwood to initiate it).
Windbluff Tower Supply and Demands Talk to Ser Daerio. Finish before starting Pride Before a Fall.
5 Gran Soren Bad Business Talk to Katlyn inside Madeleine's shop. This quest becomes available after completing The Wyrmking's Ring and Pride Before a Fall. It is only available before the dragon must be defeated.
6 Gran Soren Duchess In Distress Talk to Mirabelle outside the castle. Becomes available once Reward and Responsibility is finished.
Optimal time to complete Search Party quest line.
Cassardis & Gran Soren A Warm Welcome Begins automatically upon starting Post-Game. Be sure to complete before finishing the Post-Game quests and progressing through the Wakestone portal.

Notice Board Quests

Main article: Notice Board Quests.
For escort quests, see Escort Quest.

Throughout Gransys and Bitterblack Isle there are several Notice Boards from which the Arisen may acquire escort quests, collection quests, and delivery quests.

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Random Encounters

Main articles: Ambush! and Leave No Prisoners.

Ambush! are monster 'elimination quests' which may occur when the Arisen stumbles upon a large monster or a pack of foes out in the wilds.

Leave No Prisoners are 'rescue quests' that may randomly initiate at several sites throughout Gransys where a large cage containing a prisoner surrounded by enemies may be found.


Main article: Checkpoint save.

Checkpoint saves are made at several key points in the main quest, as well as when the Arisen sleeps in an Inn, and when interacting with a Riftstone.

Note that these checkpoints do not always coincide with the failure of time sensitive quests - these sometimes terminate upon starting quests whilst checkpoints usually occur on completing a quest
Quest Point of no return
There is no checkpoint at the end of the prologue quest The End at the Beginning
Harbinger of Destruction The first checkpoint is after the Arisen wakes in Chief Adaro's House
Newly Arisen After waking, choosing a vocation, and meeting Quina
Upon a Pawn On reaching the gates of the Encampment with Rook
Call of the Arisen After creating a Pawn
A Rude Awakening After defeat of the Hydra and accepting the escort quest from Mercedes
Off With Its Head After speaking to Mason on arriving at the Capital
A Matter of Myrmidons On speaking to Barnaby having discovered the strange light at The Everfall's base
The Cypher On speaking to Ser Maximillian on completion of each quest
A Fortress Besieged
Seeking Salvation
The Watergod's Altar
Come to Court On speaking to Aldous at the Demense's Gate after the meeting with the Duke
Griffin's Bane On speaking to Aldous on completion of each quest
Trial and Tribulations
The Wyrmking's Ring
Pride Before a Fall
Honor and Treachery
Reward and Responsibility On receiving news of the attack on the Greatwall
Deny Salvation After Grigori's destruction of the Greatwall keep
The Final Battle On waking in your own house in Cassardis after the battle
Fathom Deep On entering the wakestone portal
Final Judgment after credits


  • The Hero - Achievement/Trophy requires completion of all main and secondary quests.


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