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Put to the Test is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"You've grown, ser. At least you bear the mien of a tempered warrior, well-versed in the art of combat. Very well. 'Tis time your training was complete. I shall impart this final lesson to you myself. Hold nothing back, for I shall spare you no mercy!"

Accept Ser Berne's challenge and defeat him in combat at the Training Grounds.


This quest becomes available at the Encampment notice board immediately after slaying The Dragon in The Final Battle.

After acquiring the quest, speak to Ser Berne wandering around the Encampment to begin the duel.

Ser Berne wields a two-handed sword, a Warrior skill set and high knockdown resistance. During the battle inventory access is disabled, precluding access to curatives and buff items.

Win the duel to complete the quest.


Put to the Test (quest walkthrough)

Defeat Ser Berne, who clearly needs more training ...


  • If Ser Berne becomes the Arisen's beloved this quest will probably not become available.
  • Hotkey are still active during the battle, which may allow some access to inventory items.