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Put the Eye Out is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Deep beneath the Shadow Fort 'tis said to lurk a cyclops mantled in the armor of a thousand warriors, each fallen at the monster's hands. Should any brave soul manage to slay the beast, I shall gift them with a treasure of my own."

Defeat the Cyclops at the Frontier Caverns



Put the eye out (quest walkthrough)

Starting from Gran Soren's south gate, travel through the Ancient Quarry and along Lake Hardship to The Shadow Fort. Go underground from the Frontier Caverns to the Proving Grounds and confront the Cyclops. This Arisen came equipped with only a Caladbolg sword. (Hard mode)

This quest becomes immediately available at the Pawn Guild notice board in Gran Soren after starting quest Come to Court.

Travel to The Shadow Fort and enter the Goblin hole leading to the Frontier Caverns. Then pass through the Goblin tunnels to the Proving Grounds and face and defeat the Cyclops.

Once the Cyclops is no more, a Silver Idol will be rewarded.


  • The side room in the Proving Grounds is not unlocked until the quest A Challenge.
  • It's possible that the cyclops is slain before the quest is accepted, and on taking up the quest the Arisen arrives in the chamber to find no challenger. In this case waiting a few days for another cyclops to appear allows the quest to be completed.
  • This quest should be completed prior to completing The Final Battle.
    • (BUG) If the quest is not completed before Post-Game, the quest will remain active in the quest log, but no cyclops will appear since it is replaced by a Hydra. (It is still possible to accept and complete the quest A Challenge.)