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Proving Grounds is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


This large circular chamber is accessed from and beyond the Frontier Caverns. The gate leading to the Proving Grounds chamber is locked until the quest Come to Court, after which the notice board quest Put the Eye Out becomes available.


The chamber is always home to Goblins. Initially a Cyclops is present, untill after The Final Battle.

After the quest A Challenge a Hydra appears.



From the entrance:

Chest Loot
On the far right side Fluted Bow, Bespoke Longbow, Master's Merle, Gryphic Gauntlets, Assembled Sleeves, Runic Bangles, Assembled Breeches, Violet Neck Wrap
On the far left side Scorched Pelta, Fine Magick Buckler, Caladbolg, Crescending Roar, Malignance, Fiery Talon, Divine Axis, Frozen Tomorrow
In the right side antechamber Meloirean Cyclops Veil, Darkened Gloves, Dark Over-Knee Boots, Ring of Argent, Noble Earring, Harmonious Earring

Many of the crates contain Liquid Vim, Salubrious Brew, Harspud Juice or other curatives.

Pawn Chatter[]

"The gate stands open, but I loath to simply walk in..."
"Who built this chamber? 'Tis not the work of nature alone..."
"I fear we'll find something waiting for us..."
"Look at the size of it...! No way this was built for use by men."
"We'll need a way through the gate to get at the treasure."
"Impressive craftsmanship. Especially given the location."


  • The chest behind a closed gate cannot be accessed until Post-dragon, when this chest is part of the reward for completing A Challenge.
  • During the fight with the Hydra goblins replenish their numbers by dropping down at the side of the large chamber.
  • The Hydra respawns after one week.



Hydra slain, Arisen undamaged. No buffs, curatives or Wakestones. Hard mode (D).