A Prisoner Gorecyclops (also commonly known as a Condemned Gorecyclops) is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Shall we leave it be? ...Please?


A Prisoner Gorecyclops shares similar features to a regular Gorecyclops, but it is significantly taller, with a longer reach and its attacks are much more damaging. Like its brethren, it is weak against ice-based attacks.

A gigantic enemy, over 100 feet tall, covered in dangerous spikes and an iron helmet.

Usually first encountered chained safely to a wall.  Once limited but significant damage has been inflicted on the creature, it will free itself and pick up a giant spiked mace to engage the Arisen and party. Removal of the monster's helmet also may trigger its rampage.

Brutes / Boss
Base Experience of 57,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



Bitterblack Isle


With Master Thief :



Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
150000 4200 640 300 420 ??
Slash Bash FIRE BASED.png
100% 100% 60% 150% 60% 100% 100%
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (www10.atwiki.jp) and in-game testing.
Takes half expected damage when struck on the knee..


Attack Type Description
Grab Phys Grabs one climbing on its face.
Stomp Phys Stomps on the ground with its foot.
Sweeping Attack Phys Uses its club or hand to swipe at targets.
Overhand Phys Vertical heavy smash with the club
Rampage Phys Charges back and forth, flailing its club or fists at random targets.
Jump Phys Jumps at a target, crushing whoever it lands on and staggering the one who clings to it.
Throw Phys Picks up an object such as a Poison pot and throws it.


  • Vulnerable to Torpor, Poison, Blinded, and Tarred.
  • Immune to Sleep, Petrification, and Curse.
  • Its face and eye are its weakpoints, and should be targeted, if possible, for both damage and to stun.
  • Vulnerable to the Lowered Strength that can be inflicted with the Dragon's Roost shield.
  • Can be climbed.  For tips see climbing.
  • The spiked armor cannot be readily removed from the body, except for the mask- the spikes on the body will inflict damage on climbers and stagger close attackers.
  • The beast's health can be taken in small chunks by Throwblasts. Carry 100 or so, stay at a safe spot and start throwing.
  • Spiked armor on those initially chained will repel any attacks - the armor on Prisooner Gorecyclopes initially found unchanged (ie., during An Unseen Rival II) lack these properties.

Mask and Chain

Like an armored cyclops helmet, the mask greatly protects the gorecyclops. It can be removed by similar tactics.

  • The mask will fall off by striking at the harness holding the mask on the top of its head.
  • The strap at the back of the head can be easily cut to release the mask.
  • Blast arrows aimed at the head will quickly remove the helmet.
  • Targetable spells will also release the helmet.

The chains restrain the creature and prevent it from attacking.  If sufficiently annoyed, the creature will break its chains and begin to rampage. While chained the gorecyclops has higher resistances.

Staggering, and knocking it down

Once knocked down or kneeling the Gorecyclops becomes a much easier target, both for bows and for Warrior's preparing charged attacks.

  • Attacks on the feet or ankles (including Blast Arrows) eventually cause the brute to fall over.
    • The Gorecyclop's right foot moves less when the brute is stomping, making it easier to hit.
  • Consider attacking its eye to stagger it.
    • When staggered in this way, a greater amount of Knockdown can be inflicted to the legs.
  • Prisoner Gorecyclops may be safely climbed when on its knees.
  • (Non-raging only) It can be staggered by inflicting Blindness to it.


  • Use weapons, attacks and gear with high stagger (such as the Cursed King's Belt) to stun-lock the monster.
  • To avoid being grabbed while climbing, there is a position that the Arisen may take up on the lower half of the face where the Prisoner Gorecyclops, instead of grasping at its head, will grab at its chest and miss the Arisen consistently.
  • Standing near the instep of the right foot allows the avoidance of nearly all the creature's attacks.
  • An elevated position (such as is available in the Midnight Helix) allows ranged attackers and spellcasters to pelt the beast with attacks whilst staying out of danger.
  • Strong enough attacks will disarm its club.
  • It is generally a good idea to first eliminate all other enemies before taking on this giant.
  • Instant Reset can be used as an emergency dismount to avoid being grabbed and eaten.
  • Equipping the augment Grace will prevent damage from fall when climbing this creature.

Stance effects

  • When a Gorecyclops finishes raging, it briefly pauses and gasps for breath as if it is out of stamina.  In this state, the cyclops is usually very susceptible to being knocked down by attacks.
  • (Non-raging only) When balancing on one leg due to a leg climber, the gorecylops is vulnerable to being knocked down by attacks, just like its smaller cyclops cousins.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

For full information, refer to the Bestiary page or the according section on the Cyclops page.

Specific techniques

The Cyclops strategy scrolls will grant knowledge (and therefore Stars) for all members of the Cyclops family which includes the Gorecyclops.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 50 Gorecyclopes either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

  • Gorecyclops and Prisoner Gorecyclops are considered as the same enemy type, thus share the same characteristics (knowledge, kill-count), in a similar way as Cyclops Vs Armored Cyclops.
  • Unlike normal Armored Cyclops, this enemy's body armor cannot be torn off or rent asunder. However, the helmet can be removed by destroying the strap at the back of the neck.

Pawn Chatter

"Shall we leave it be? ...Please?" 
"'Tis enormous!"
"Perhaps we'd do well not to disturb it."
"Is this giant, too, a prisoner here?"
"'Tis hideous, even by a cyclops's measure!"
"The giant has torn free of its bindings!"
"'Tis too powerful!"
"It's fallen! Now! Attack!"
"Their tusks are too short to cleave!"
"Cling to its leg -- throw it off balance!" (faulty knowledge flag inherited from Cyclops Bestiary)
"Bleed its arm and it'll drop its weapon!" (correct knowledge flag inherited from Cyclops Bestiary)
"Good! It's lost its cudgel!" (Gorecyclops is disarmed)
"It makes to throw! Stand ready!" (Gorecyclops picks up a throwable object)
"A brilliant hit!" (when Gorecyclops is disarmed)
"Its armor is rent!" (Gorecyclops drops a piece of armor)


  • Though unlike normal Armored Cyclopes, these enemies' body armor cannot be torn off or rent asunder.  The creatures actually do lose armor pieces occasionally when they fall. Just like with normal Armored Cyclopes, the rent pieces spawn loot bundles containing Rusted Plate, Scrap Iron or Iron Blade Piece. The creature's defenses and Stagger/Knock Down Resistance lower as it drops armor pieces too(verify).
  • In the Midnight Helix the Gorecyclops may fight with a Cursed Dragon if the party hides from both.  They will fight to the death and the party can claim the rewards.
  • The term Prisoner Gorecyclops is used in the stat menu kill count, and in quest logs. In official (japanese) press releases it was referred to as 【サイクロプス ~Prisoner Cyclops~】 where 囚人 (Shūjin) means prisoner and クロプス (saikuropusu) is a transliteration of the greek term cyclops, foreign to japan. The origins of the commonly used term 'condemned gorecyclops' is unclear, but 'condemned' may be an alternative translation of 囚人 [prisoner].
  • (Exploit) Finding a "safe space" (such as near an exit) and saving and reloading will reset the gorecyclop's state excluding health, and will re-chain any that were initially chained. Also useful to "re-roll" a near-death gorecyclop's loot drops.
  • (Exploit) Exiting and re-entering to chained Gorecyclops allows it to be repeatedly stolen from with Master Thief.


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