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Pressure Plate

Pressure Plates are environmental objects in Dragon's Dogma - they need to have weight applied to them to open doors and unlock gates.


Weight Time to open
>500kg 6 sec
300-500kg 12 sec
200-300kg 18 sec
100-200kg 24 sec
<100kg 40 sec
Figures are approximate

Pressure plates are only found in The Ancient Quarry and The Tainted Mountain Temple.

Each of the two Quarry plates unlocks and opens a separate fortified gated. The four plates in the Tainted Mountain Temple must be each stood on to unlock and open a double door leading to the Dragon itself.

A pressure plate takes time to activate, falling as the hidden mechanism operates - the time for a plate to activate depends on the total mass on the plate - so higher Character Weight and absolute encumbrance matter - that is the sum of the character's own body mass plus that of what they carry.


Pawn Chatter[]

"Stepping on the panel ought open the door."
"The panel Arisen! It responds to weight."


  • There is a small pressure plate in The Watergod's Altar that drains the water in the lower levels - this does not require prolonged standing on to operate.
  • Carried pawns also count towards the mass
  • The total mass, not the encumbrance class is important
    • If a Chimera or Ogre is lured onto a plate it will depress it very rapidly.
  • Elsewhere doors and gates are opened by fixed levers, or require the lever part of the mechanism, a magick gem, or a common key. (see Keys, levers and magickal openers)