Dragon's Dogma Wiki

Precision is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Keeps your arrows from flying off mark when you loose them whilst in motion."

Keeps multiple arrow flurries from scattering off target whilst moving or standing still. Reduces arrow spread whilst strafing, and all arrows within the flurry will strike precisely on the target in the reticule at the moment of release.


  • Also greatly reduces arrow spread when jumping, and so can be doubly useful in combination with Eminence.
  • Especially effective at longer ranges (which usually result in only half the arrows making contact with the target due to wind scatter), this augment will dramatically improve the effectiveness of Sixfold Arrow or Tenfold Flurry, as all the arrows within the flurry will land in the same spot for close and maybe mid ranges. However at far ranges the arrows will still spread.
  • Arisen with lower aim accuracy (or who normally fire from close range) may prefer not to use this augment as this would allow the arrows to scatter widely, thereby improving the odds of target contact while sacrificing damage output. Scatter shot is also effective when firing at closely grouped enemies.
  • Also works for Strider multiarrow skills like Fivefold Flurry
  • Also an effective augment for strider and ranger Pawns.
  • This augment does have an effect on certain Magick Archer bow spells such as Sixfold Bolt, causing the bolts to spread less and have a tighter trajectory.