Powder Blast is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Powder Charge that plants a more powerful explosive that can be detonated from afar."

An advanced version of Powder Charge. In Dark Arisen, it becomes Powder Barrage with the relevant Assassin's Ring or Assassin's Band equipped.

Powder Blast adds multiple explosions from the charge, plus the flash trail becomes more powerful, able to damage and debilitate.



Activate the skill to place the charge, then retreat to a safe distance, and activate the skill again to start the detonation - a fast burning gunpowder-like trail will rapidly snake back to the place the charge was placed, and then ignite.

  • The path of the 'gunpowder trail' will damage enemies. The trail will follow whatever path was traversed from after setting the charge down till detonating it.
  • There is a limit to the total distance the trail can burn - approximately equal to a shortbow's effective range - if this length is exceeded, the initial charge will not detonate, and the trail will fizzle out prematurely.


The primary effect of the explosive charge is an explosive blast with powerful knockdown that can throw smaller enemies into the air, as well as inflict burning.

  • Powder Blast ignites around three explosive charges, set off in quick succession, whilst Powder Charge ignites only one - the damage is similarly multilpier if all explosions hit.
  • There is a small shockwave associated with the blast, around one to two body lengths in radius - this does not seem to cause physical damage, but can stagger or knockdown, and creatures within its radius can be inflicted with debilitation associated with the sword held when the skill was used.
  • The shockwave seems only to be able to inflict 'physical' debilitations, like blind, torpor, tarred; but cannot inflict Elemental Debilitations like thundershock (with Caladbolg), or holy-healing (with Ascalon).

The gunpowder trail may also damage, knockdown, and debilitate, however the trail of Powder Charge is much weaker, having none of these effects.neither damages nor debilitates, only the higher skills.

  • The flash trail of Powder Blast can also destroy crates and so on.
  • The trail of Powder Charge is too weak to damage, destroy objects, or debilitate

The main blast damage is predominately related to Strength. If an enchanted weapon is equipped when the skill is used, magick power is also factored in.

  • With a magick weapon the blast can damage creatures such as Phantoms, though the magick power seems relatively low.
  • It is likely that the behaviour with Enchanted weapons is similar to other skills (like Flameshroud) - that is the physical damage is related to total attack strength, but the magick damage only scales with the magick attack of the weapon held itself.
  • With a typical enchanted weapon damage scales approximately in the ratio 7:3 - physical to magick (with periapts)
  • The element of an enchanted weapon used when preparing the blast has no effect on damage.


  • The damage from the trail and blast does not affect the Arisen or allies, and does not dislodge ghosts that possess the Arisen when 'self-exploded'.
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