"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Post-Game (also known as Post-Dragon, or occasionally Stage 7) is the state of the game after the defeat of The Dragon during The Final Battle.

"That chasm swallowed up near half the city...
Maker only knows what tax they'll squeeze from us to fix it..." Danton


On defeat Grigori curses the Arisen with his final breath, prophesying doom - Gran Soren is partially destroyed by a huge chasm reaching down into The Everfall and the world becomes darker and more dangerous; the sky becomes very dark and cloudy, and strange, more powerful monsters roam the lands.

On returning to Gran Soren, an optional visit to see Duke Edmun forms part of the quest: A Warm Welcome.

There are three main story quests: Fathom Deep, Final Judgement and The Great Hereafter - on completion of the third the cycle is complete and the Arisen's story is over.


Gran Soren

The Venery, Aqueduct, the Slums, and a part of the Urban Quarter are destroyed, collapsing into and leaving open the expanded version of the Everfall.

The Everfall itself is drastically changed in structure (see Post-Dragon Everfall), and becomes host to monsters far more dangerous than previously seen, including Gorechimera, Evil Eye, Archydra and Liches, as well as the Ur-Dragon.

Chest loot in the entire city changes, and even some chests are displaced. Pieces of Gran Soren Rubble can be found in many spots, and also various amounts of Coin. Special wood bundles appear at the Fields. All the book piles are being wiped out from the entire area in turn (save for the one at Visitor's Chamber in Duke's Demesne).

Upon completion of the quest A Warm Welcome, the Arisen will also be branded a traitor by the Duke and will be attacked and pursued by the Guards if the Noble Quarter is entered.

Due to the upheaval, the residents not lost in the catastrophe move to other, safer, locations in the city:


Some people will move to Cassardis after The Final Battle.


The darkend daytime sky

Visibility throughout Gransys becomes poor, as the sky is dark even during the day. Additionally, fiercer and more dangerous monsters appear in several locations.

The road from Cassardis to Gran Soren is affected the worst:


Additionally several locations now become the roost of Dragons:

The Everfall

The Post-Dragon Everfall is changed substantially on the death of Grigori, with it opening up and much of Gran Soren collapsing into it - it then becomes host to a variety of the fiercest monsters in several side chambers.

Pawn Chatter

"No one could have desired such destruction..."
"Such a magnificent fortress was useless in the end." (On Gran Soren)
"The Everfall's base ...I'd not think it possible."
"The disquiet in my breast will not calm."
"A force unseen calls out from the depths. It beckons..." (On the Everfall)
"The dragon has been dispatched... So why has the sky turned dark?" (at Seabreeze Trail)
"Is...is this the world the Arisen was meant to bring about?"



Dragon's Dogma Clear Skies Post Game Guide

  • (Glitch) Some people dislike the post-game dark skies, and use a glitch to be able to play the post-game with clear skies.
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