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Possession is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma that affects only Pawns, causing them to attack the Arisen. Ghosts also have a possessing attack that can affect any of the party.

Dragon Possession[]


Affecting Pawns only, and usually inflicted by Dragons or Specters, and by Daimon on Bitterblack Isle - this will cause loyal Pawns to be turned and attack their master. If the pawn is not rendered unconscious or cured, the possession will wear off after around three minutes.

The inflicted Pawn's eyes turn red and a dark cloud covers their face. They also slowly lose health till it becomes unconscious or gets killed. Additionally melee damage is weakened.

The debilitation can individually cured by Panacea, the spell High Halidom, and collectively cured by Placative Brew or Nostalgia Dust. Any item or spell causing the effect Impervious will also cure possession.


Possessed pawn uses High Fulmination (2)

High Fulmination now damages the former ally

  • Possessed pawns attack the Arisen, but not other pawns.
  • Pawns recovered from Unconsciousness are cured of possession.
  • Foes generally ignore possessed pawns.
  • Pawn's melee damage is greatly reduced, but not ranged or spell damage.
  • A possessed pawn with no equipped weapon will stand still and not fight unarmed, rendering them harmless.
  • Possessed pawn may still be grabbed or picked up and tossed.
  • Possessed Pawns are immune to Dragon Roar, and to a Dragon's fiery breath.
  • Possessed pawns will continuously lose Health but will not attempt to cure themselves.
  • Other pawns will generally not use group curatives to cure other possessed pawns of the possession.
  • Warning! Possessed pawns can still spell sync with non-possessed party members and use this to the detriment of the party.

Ghost Possession[]

Phantoms, Phantasms, and Wraiths[]

Phantoms, Phantasms, and Wraiths (but not Specters) have an attack that latches onto the victim's head and upper body, draining health. This possession takes two similar forms:

  • Usually the initial attack causes slow health loss whilst the ghost gains strength. It lets go after a time, knocking down its host. This attack causes the ghost to grow both in size and strength.
  • Once the ghost has grown it becomes more powerful and its grabs are far more dangerous, rapidly reducing health. The rate of drain is a fraction (two fifteenths) of the victim's maximum health (per second), and is not mitigated by defenses or resistances.

Ghost possession can be removed by striking the captured ally. Holy magic sigils including healing spells such as anodyne or halidom will also strike the ghost and cause it to release.


Specters will grab onto victims like other ghostly forms, but instead of draining health the Specter will attempt to inflict Possession debilitation and will release the victim after a short while, whether successful or not.

The same methods that work against other ghost possessions work against Specters - generally striking the ally is enough.


  • No amount of Possession resistance protects the health draining ghost possession attacks. being Impervious is also ineffective.
  • The health draining possession attack is troublesome for solo adventurers - attacks from other non-ghost foes, and environmental explosions can release the Arisen from the ghost's grip. One tactic is to carry Throwblasts, and throw one at an nearby wall so the back blast causes the ghost to lose its grip.
    • Additionally the ghost will let go if one can climb something.
    • Inflicting Sleep, Petrification or some other debilitations can cause a ghost to release, as can the damage from a Campfire, or Fall Damage.
    • Running out of the ghost's usual haunting area will also cause the creature to dislodge itself.
  • Simply picking up a possessed pawn will also detach the ghost.
  • Some ghosts start fully grown. Beware!
  • Pawns killed by a health draining possession return to the Rift immediately, and are not just rendered Unconscious.
    • Additionally pawns killed by other attacks while possessed by a Ghost will be returned to the rift. This is particularly troublesome if facing Dragons alongside Ghosts due to the risk of Dragon Roar.


Only effective against Possession debilitation
Name %
Dragonblood 25
Faithful Earring 60
Master Ring 71 to 90
Preceptor Ring 41 to 60
Virtuoso Ring 11 to 30
Armor and clothing

See also[]


  • Hostile pawns found in the Chamber of Lament before the Ur-Dragon fight as if possessed, but lack the red eyes and distinctive dark cloud about the head normally indicative of possession.
  • It is possible for the Arisen to become possessed whilst fighting Daimon - apart from the visual effect this possession does not appear to have any negative effects.
  • Ferrystoning away cures pawn possession.
  • Possessed pawns are unaffected by group items like Select Herb Ale (inflicts Sleep), though they receive the benefits of group curatives.
  • It is unknown if the nerfing of a possessed pawn's melee attacks is a (Glitch) or not. A pawn's magick attacks are as normal.