Possession is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma.


There are two forms of Possession

  • The most serious, usually inflicted by Dragonkin or Specters, will cause a loyal Pawns to be turned and seek to attack their master. The inflicted Pawn rapidly loses Health till it faints or gets killed. Also its damage is weakened.
  • Another form is inflicted by ghosts, and causes Health loss and reduced movement. Pawns killed by a ghost's possession return to the Rift and must be re-rented. If a Specter possesses a pawn for a long enough period of time it may succeed in turning them, just as Dragons do.

Individually cured by Panacea or the spell High Halidom, and collectively cured by Placative Brew or Nostalgia Dust. Any item or spell causing the effect Impervious will also cure possession.


Name  %
Dragonblood 25
Faithful Earring 60
Master Ring 71 to 90%
Preceptor Ring 41 to 60%
Virtuoso Ring 11 to 30%
Armor and clothing

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  • Hostile pawns found in the Chamber of Lament before the Ur-Dragon fight as if possessed, but lack the distinctive dark cloud about the head, and red eyes normally indicative of possession.
  • In the case of possession by a ghost, simply running out of the ghost's usual haunting area will cause the creature to harmlessly dislodge itself.
  • Possession resistance is only effective against Dragonkin possession, and doesn't prevent ghost possession and health drain.(verify)
  • If a Pawn is possessed during a fight against Dragonkin, the Arisen can negate the effect by unequipping all the Pawn's weapons, leaving them helpless until they are killed.
  • Possessed Pawns are immune to Dragon Roar.