Pommel Bash is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Pommel Strike. Drives the blade's hilt into the target. Though limited in range, it is capable of causing even powerfull enemies to reel."

An advanced version of Pommel Strike. - A quick low powered hilt strike designed to stagger not damage.


  • Both Pommel Strike and Pommel Bash can be used to hit-confirm enemies.  It is the fastest skill for Warriors, and can serve as a combo starter.  Starting a combo with Pommel Bash will stun enemies, allowing the Arisen to follow up with the slower but stronger basic attacks and skills that would otherwise leave you vulnerable if blocked or missed..
  • Pommel Bash also has defensive utility as well.  If using a reasonably strong weapon, this skill will almost always guarantee a stagger against small and medium-sized enemies.  This makes it especially effective for stopping an enemy's attack, as the move can stagger them mid-strike.  Its quick recovery period also allows it to be executed in rapid succession, which is helpful when surrounded by multiple foes if not equipped with the Corona Slash skill.
  • Much like Fighter's Shield Storm, Pommel Bash can Stagger and even Knock down foes in guarding stance, breaking their guard and leaving them open to further attacks.
  • Executing Pommel Bash or Pommel Strike after a basic attack can reduce the window of vulnerability on missed or blocked attacks.
  • Pommel Bash is excellent for building up Stagger quickly. 
  • As the skills use the 'wrong' end of the weapon Elemental Debilitations or other Debilitations cannot be inflicted with the pommel attacks - as such it is no use with rusted weapons.
  • A quickly (jump) cancelled Indomitable Lunge is an alternative pommel hit staggering strike, that uses less or no stamina, but takes longer to execute.
  • It takes 3 strikes to knock ores out of Ore deposits.
  • Damage scales well with strength, but is low overall.
  • Stagger output seems to scale directly with the user's Stagger Power, and so is increased by better weapons, and by items such as Barbed Nails.


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