Poison Flask is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A flaskful of concentrated toxin. Hurl it at foes for it to work its poison."

When held, it can be thrown at enemies, causing Thrown Damage, and may inflict the Poison debilitation upon impact. In some cases, when thrown a Poison Flask will inflict drenched or tarring instead of poison.

Obtained by filling an Empty Flask from a pot of poison. Poison Flasks are quite common around Gransys, either from gather spots, in breakables or just lying around.

Such flasks are also sold at at Camellia's Apothecary, and by the vendors Mathias, Delec, and Joye. They can also be stolen from Saurians using Master Thief.


Component to

Item Item Product
Poison Flask + Kindling = Poison Arrow x5
Poison Flask + Quill = Poison Arrow x10
Poison Flask + Cedar Branch = Poison Arrow x20

Product of

Item Item Product
Spider Venom + Empty Flask = Poison Flask
Stagnant Shroom + Empty Flask = Poison Flask
Shadowcap + Empty Flask = Poison Flask
Yellow Poison Sac + Empty Flask = Poison Flask x5
Poison Sac + Empty Flask = Poison Flask x3
Droughtshroom + Empty Flask = Poison Flask x2
Avernal Mushroom + Empty Flask = Poison Flask
Crimson Concoction + Empty Flask = Poison Flask


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