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Poison is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma.


Generally, Poison reduces health by 5 every second for 3 minutes to all susceptible creatures; for Arisen and allies, it drains 20 health of damage every 6 seconds for 2.5 minutes.

Poison can be inflicted by Poison Arrows, Jewel of Toxicity, throwing Poison Flasks and Poison pots, the Assassin's skills Spiderbite and Snakebite, Miasma based spells, and Rusted Weapons enhanced to two stars and higher.

Foes with poison abilities include Spiders, Snakes, Giant Bats, Chimeras, Saurians, Hydras and Archydras, Cockatrices, Cursed Dragons, the Gazer, Stout Undead and Poisoned Undead, Wargs, and casters with Miasma based spells which include Skeleton Mages, Wights, Liches, Wyverns, Dire Wyverns, Daimon, and Salomet.

Many Rotten Items such as Giant Rotten Fish, Large Rotten Fish, Rotten Ambrosial Meat, Rotten Apples as well as several mushrooms types like Avernal Mushroom, Crimplecap or Stagnant Shroom can inflict Poison on self when used.

The swamps of the Miasmic Haunt inflict Poison during daytime. The red colored water on the First Floors of Midnight Helix and Tower of Treasons Repaid on Bitterblack Isle do as well, even with 100% Poison resistance equipped.

Cured by Nightcry, Mithridate, Bladeleaf, Scarlet Angelica, Interventive, Panacea, Detoxicating Powder, the spell Halidom and any object or spell that grants Impervious. If not cured, the Poison debilitation will eventually wear off, generally lasting around two and a half minutes.


For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.


Name %
Cleansing Earring 60
Dragonblood 25
Master Ring 71 to 90%
Preceptor Ring 41 to 60%
Virtuoso Ring 11 to 30%


  • The augments Toxicity and Morbidity increase the chances of inflicting Poison.
  • The augment Resistance prevents poisoning.
  • The skills Puncture Dart and Spiral Arrow for bows are useful with debilitating arrows such as Poison Arrows.
  • A creature can only be poisoned 'once' - repeated poisonings do not multiply the damage; however, they do extend the duration to the most recent poisoning.
  • Goblins and Hobgoblins are incapacitated by Poison, causing them to behave as if they are drunk.
  • Though toxic swamps will poison even with 100% resistance, Impervious will give protection.