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Plegic Arrow is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Blunting Arrow that strikes with added force and induces torpor with greater frequency."

An advanced version of Blunting Arrow, with increased torporing abilities.


Skill Torporing ability
Blunting Arrow ~2x
Plegic Arrow ~3x
relative to a 3* Rusted Bow
  • Effective at torporing, but rapid shots from a Rusted Bow will torpor quicker.
  • Morbidity further increases the torporing power of this skill.
  • The torporing power is increased further if used with an upgraded rusted bow - thus with Plegic Arrow, Morbidity and a 3* Rusted Bow, a Saurian is torpored in a single hit; whereas under the same conditions with Pleached Limbs it takes two Plegic Arrows to torpor.
  • Physical damage from Blunting to Plegic Arrow does not increase. Actual damage is a little better than that from a Loosed arrow.