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Peace is a trophy/achievement available in Dragons Dogma.


"Took refuge in an illusion."

Obtained by choosing to return to a peaceful life in Cassardis during the quest Final Judgment, and thereby revealing a secondary ending to the main quest.


This ending can be obtained during the quest Final Judgement after the second fight with the Seneschal, during the quest phase 'The Final Battle: Trial of Resolve'. The Arisen has the chance to retreat and go back to their life in Cassardis.

"Turn back now and I will grant you a merciful death.
The choice is yours, Arisen.
Yours alone.
Accept the quiet emptiness of a false peace. Of false life."

"Peace" is chosen by walking away from the Seneschal's voice and the Arisen's copy towards the vision of Cassardis at the end of the tunnel.

"Then you would choose peace?"
"That, too, is a valid fate." (The Arisen's illusion to the Arisen)

On exiting the 'Chamber of Choice', the Arisen finds themselves without their pawn back on the beach at Cassardis wearing Fisherman's Garb.

If the Arisen then approaches Cassardis' main gate, they will meet Quina and Adaro, with other old friends from Cassardis gathering round.  As the reunion takes place, a white robed Seneschal overlooks the scene while speaking to the Arisen:

"Then fear has bested you as well..
So be it. Go, and seek your peace. Your guttering beacon in the churning dark.
And I shall await the coming of the next..."


  • When the Seneschal speaks to the Arisen in Cassardis they use a combination of different male and female voices.
  • Though the Arisen is healed and their clothes mended as if the Dragon's attack had never happened, the building broken during A Rude Awakening remains unmended.
  • A Save Game is made automatically prior to the choice, hence the Arisen is able to retry after a short credits sequence to proceed with the game, and make the alternative choice if they choose.