Classic bait and switch.
Offline pawns look nothing like this..

Offline Pawns are randomly-generated characters available for hire by the Arisen. These pawns enable players without an internet connection or who choose to play offline to hire pawns for assistance.


Offline Pawns are randomly-generated largely based upon the Arisen's level, especially where equipment and skill-sets are concerned. Generally offline Pawns appearing in Gransys are between five levels above or below the Arisen's Level. In the rift an offline pawn of any level may be hired; higher level pawns still require rift crystals.

Offline pawns cannot accept gifts when released, nor can they be rated.

They can be equipped with any giftable gear as usual but will not keep it the next time they are summoned back.


  • Pawns such as Quince,  Johnathan, Barnaby, Joye, Akim, and Delec are available on and offline, but are not hireable since they are intended to perform other roles.
  • Online Pawns have a logo showing two arrows pointing towards each other, indicating that Pawn as someone else's Main Pawn for hire; offline pawns do not have this logo.