Pawn Commands are instructions given from the Arisen to the pawns in their party.


Pawn Commands are the only way the Arisen can directly influence their Main Pawn and Hired Pawns when adventuring or in battle.

There are three commands : "Go", "Come", and "Help".

Command Effect Notes
"Go" Pawns move forward a few meters

Can be used to send pawns into battle. If no foes are present pawns will return to the Arisen's side after a short while.

Increases the Pioneer inclination out of battle, and decreases the Guardian inclination when in battle.

"Come" Causes pawns to come to the Arisen

Increases the Guardian inclination when in battle, and the Medicant inclination out of battle

"Help" Causes pawn to give aid in some way

Calling for help can have multiple effects.

It can cause pawns to use healing items on themselves or allies when they would not have used it spontaneously. If the inclination Medicant is 1º they will also heal to higher health.

Additionally it may cause a spellcasting pawn to cast a weapon enchantment on the party. Generally pawns will cast two enchantment spells if asked for help, with the targets seemingly chosen randomly.

Pawns will carry unconscious pawns to the Arisen for aid when help is requested.

Using this command when in combat increases the Guardian inclination.


  • A pawn's response to a command depends on their manner of speech - this can be altered at the Knowledge Chair.
  • Sometimes a spellcaster pawn will respond to an order with "I cannot obey right now" or similar - this is due to them casting another spell when the request was received.
  • Generally pawns act on their own volition whilst following the Arisen. Other ways the Arisen can alter a pawns behavior is by giving or removing weapons, or indirectly through the use of Inclination Elixirs.
  • Pawns include Necromancy spells as those they might cast in response to a "help" command.
  • Also known as "D-pad" commands. With a controller they are issued with ⇧ "Go" , ⇩ "Come" , and ⇦/⇨ "Help" - all on the D-pad. There is no difference between pressing left or right for "Help".
  • Escortees and other allies ignore such commands.
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