This page describes the "In-Engine" workings of Pawn Inclinations as they are currently understood.

Knowledge of this page is not at all necessary for useful, or successful play - this article exists to record what has been discovered of "how inclinations work" internally.


Internally or "in-engine" each Inclination is stored as a numerical value from 0 to 1000, with the New Game starting value of 500.

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary inclinations

These top three inclinations are chosen from the three with the highest, second highest, and third highest numerical values.

Inclination Elixirs

The Neutralising Elixir resets all inclinations to a mid value of 500.

  • Taking an elixir that doesn't correspond to primary or secondary sets that inclinations value to that of the secondary
  • Taking an elixir corresponding to the secondary inclination sets that inclinations value to that of the primary, and sets the primary inclination to that of the secondary
  • Taking an elixir corresponding to the primary inclination raises that inclination by around 100 (more if a mid or lower value)
  • Taking any elixir always reduces other lower inclinations by at least 25 down to a minimum of 500
    • If an inclination was promoted to secondary the other inclinations may be reduced by a further 25 (total -50)

Save files

Inclinations are stored in the game save files in a XML format - the field names for each inclination are :

  1. Scather - Belligerent
  2. Medicant - Prudent
  3. Mitigator - Poor Aim
  4. Challenger - Strategy
  5. Utilitarian - Tactics
  6. Guardian - Protection
  7. Nexus - Same Support
  8. Pioneer - Curiosity
  9. Acquisitor - Gather

The actual format is roughly (example for Scather with value 500) :

<f32 name="mInfo[INOF_TYPE_BELLIGERENT ].mValue" value="500.0000"/>


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