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Parcel Service is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"I was beset by monsters from the sky while on a courier's errand. The feathered fiends flew off with all my deliveries, to the eyries of the west, no doubt - Soulflayer Canyon. Pray, retrieve my lost packages!"

Acquire ten Parcels.


This quest becomes available at Arsmith's Alehouse notice board in Gran Soren after starting the quest Come to Court.

Parcels are encountered during Fedel's quest The Conspirators - two can be found at the attack site in the Cursewood, and a further ten next to the Confidential Letter.

Hand in ten to Arsmith to complete the quest and receive the rewards of gold, experience, and the Golden Stings mace.


Parcel Service (quest walkthrough)

Entering from the Souflayer Canyon west entrance offers a shorter and clearer path to the 10 Parcels. Starting from the Greatwall, drop down and enter. Follow the left fork past the Cyclops on the bridge, slide down to the left 3 times, then slide down to the right once to finally arrive on the ledge containing the 10 Parcels and a chest containing a Steel Beak mace. The 10 Parcels and Steel Beak mace have been previously looted (prior to the filming of this video) during the quest "The Conspirators".