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Ore deposit is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.
Ore deposits are the primary source of all rocks and mineral ores in Dragon's Dogma.

The Mining Process[]

For a list of ores, see Category:Minable.

Throughout the world, occasionally along rocky areas, there might be an ore deposit. It's possible to identify mineable rocks by looking closely at them: if they have small, light blue stones attached, they can be mined.

While carrying a Pickaxe or Light Pickaxe in the Arisen's inventory, ore deposits may be mined by pressing the action button when prompted to do so. Pawns carrying a Pickaxe or Light Pickaxe will also extract ore from a deposit should they choose to do so.

Materials can be gathered from the ore deposit until it runs out, generally yielding between one and five ore samples. Ore veins take 3 to 7 days to respawn, depending on the location and type of material (more precious ores takes longer).

In addition to minerals Ore Deposits in The Watergod's Altar may yield Priceless Artifacts from an ancient lost civilization.



Ore deposit mined with Comestion-0

  • In addition to using a Pickaxe, several other methods yield ore from deposits:
  • Neither Explosive Rivet nor Powder Blast will release ore.
  • (Exploit) Ore deposits can be mined indefinitely using a save/reload glitch. Steps: Partially mine the deposit but do not completely mine it out; then save the game, and Godsbane; on restarting, the ore deposit will be renewed. This process is useful for rare ores.
    • The same process can be done either by exiting and re-entering an area; or even just ferrystoning back to the same location
  • (Exploit) Ore can also be mined quickly by initiating the mining action, immediately going into the inventory menu and selecting either a Dragon’s Spit or Throwblast to hold. When the mining animation ends, the Arisen will drop the item and thus strip mine the ore deposit without further need to initiate another mining animation. More importantly, this doesn't use up the explosive item, so it can be used multiple times when mining several ore deposits.
  • (Glitch) (Exploit) Any non-pickaxe mining methods will release ore from a previously mined deposit if the location of the ore is exited and then re-entered (ferrystoning to the same location also works). The deposit will not be visibly renewed, and the mining prompt will not appear, but on striking with for example a throwblast more deposit will be released.