Ophis' Domain is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Ophis's Domain is a palisade enclosed space in the northwestern part of the Barta Crags south of the Greatwall Encampment. At first glance, the place seems as though it may be a soldier camp, but upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a giant corral. This corral is where Ophis keeps her beloved pet Cyclops.

A female thief, Aurene, has been left in charge of the domain. She is not hostile, even in the presence of male party members.


Chests Ophis' Domain

The chests (numbered)

There are three chests in the area.

  1. Silver Vest, Pauldron, or Black Gaiters
  2. Forest Tunic, Thunder Kite Shield, or Ingot Club
  3. Panacea, Liquid Vim, or Salubrious Brew.

Feeding the cyclops


The cyclops about to eat a goblin

The pet Cyclops is tame enough to be fed - feeding it forms part of the quest Thick as Thieves.

To feed the Cyclops, capture or kill a monster and carry it to the Cyclops- Goblins are a good choice. A dead offering can be left at the Cyclop's feet, or upon its "dinner table". A live offering is best carried and held in front of the Cyclops - though this method risks the carrier become a meal instead.

The Cyclops will only feed once it notices the offering - this should be placed in front of the Cyclops at its feet.

Take good care to not accidentally hit the Cyclops - once enraged the creature will likely need to be killed and is never replaced - furthmore Ophis will never forgive the killer. The Cyclops is very docile and never initiates an attack, and can even be climbed - the Cyclops doesn't mind at all. However it is stupid and will try to make a meal of any standing still in the wrong place for too long.

Pawn Chatter

" 'Tis hard not to feel small in a chamber built to a cyclops's scale."
" 'Tis a queer growl comes from beyond the paling... "


  • Outside the entrance to the domain, six stone coffins are scattered around. Upon examining the first coffin, the following description is given: "Mark well the fate of fools with designs on my pet.  -Ophis of the Westron Labrys".
  • There's also a lone Crow that flys around above here.


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