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Offering Chamber is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"A large hall used for offering rites in ancient times. As part of the Watergod's Altar this grand hall has now fallen to ruin."

A large room with pillars and four chests. Two on the end of the Chamber, one on the left and one on the right. At most times this place is home to a Cyclops. The main entrance leads to a main chamber of the temple, whilst a hole in the side wall leads down to the flooded area, wherein lies a second Cyclops - further down that path leads to Water's Bottom.

During the eponymous quest The Watergod's Altar this chamber contains the remains of the monk Jean, the Watergod's Altar Key, and a very angry Cyclops.

In Post-Game a spellcasting Wyrm replaces the Cyclops. This creature speaks the language of the Arisen and curiously addresses the Arisen as a "fellow countryman".


For chest contents and general loot, see The Watergod's Altar.

Additionally there a some Gather spots in the wet floor, as well as breakable Crates, sacks, oil pots, some Explosive Barrels, and so on - though much of the food found here will be rancid or rotten.