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Novice's Armor Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


Armor for neophyte adventurers.

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Core Set Pieces

The Novice's Armor Set is a low cost starter set for Magick Archers.

This armor sets the precedent for the make up of better Magick Archer armors; that is: 'assassin' type armored breeches suitable for offense; armguards with free hands suitable for dextrous use of a bow; and a heavy spellcaster robe for the upper body.

Furthermore, the basis of the design of the leg clothing of the Raptor Armor Set can be seen in the Hemp Hosen (cf Seeker Tights), though in the poorest of materials. The set has minimal resistances - the underclothes give limited fire and sleep resistance, the coat adds a broad variety of resistances.

Without the coat the set is suitable for all melee vocations, and more generally has a design sited to bow uses; the inclusion of the robe narrows the use of the complete set to magick archers only.


Development of the set. (left) underclothes; (center) clothes plus bracers and breeches; (right) full set


  • The coat is only available in Dark Arisen.
  • A very low quality armor - an Arisen is likely to have discovered or bought far better armors by the time they are able to change vocation to a Magick Archer.