Nostalgia Dust is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An aromatic substance of a bygone age. A single whiff returns the user to his or her normal self."

Cures Possession and restores 400 Health to the entire party.

May be found in chests on Bitterblack Isle in the Vault of Defiled Truth, The Warriors' Respite, Forsaken Cathedral, The Bloodless Stockade.

Can be created through combining or be stolen from Giant Bats using Master Thief. Five Nostalgia Dust can be obtained as a reward for completing Katlyn's escort quest.

In Dark Arisen it is sold by Barroch.


Component to

Item Item Product
Nostalgia Dust + Distilled Herb Ale = Fragrant Herb Ale

Product of

Item Item Product
Placative Brew + Violet Concoction = Nostalgia Dust
Nightfall Cresset + Sunbright = Nostalgia Dust
Nightfall Cresset + Kept Sunbright = Nostalgia Dust


  • Nostalgia dust is the most potent readily available group health curative of all due to its very low weight - however it is not generally readily available, and furthermore pawns will not use the dust for its health effects.
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