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Noonflower Cliff Cave is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Noonflower Cliff Cave is a location in Gransys - it is located just west of the only location in which a Noonflower can be found.

The cave overlooks a small campsite, with two Weapon Piles, tents, crates and a chest. A Giant Coin Pouch is hidden behind bushes on a ledge leading down from the cave to the camp.

The cave and camp exist in a small canyon - south leads to Bloodwater Beach, north to Conqueror's Sanctuary.


For loot in the general area, see Verda Woodlands.

The cave contains a Giant Coin Pouch in the far corner, as well as two chests :

There are two Weapon/Armor Piles on the cliff edges :

There are also two Weapon/Armor Piles on the canyon's floor near the campsite:


  • There is no location marked Noonflower Cliff Cave on the Gransys map, or elsewhere mentioned in game. This page's title is an arbitrary invention.