Noonflower is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A precious southern flower that rarely blooms. It fetches a quite the pretty coin as a result."

Noonflower Map Location

  The Noonflower is found only on a ledge outside Noonflower Cliff Cave in the canyon leading to Bloodwater Beach, in the southern parts of the Verda Woodlands. The Noonflower regrows every five days.

When consumed the Noonflower will restores 30 health points. It is the affinity item for Quina.


The noonflower can only be reached from jumping from a ledge on the opposite (east) side of the canyon. The west side has drops too high to climb or jump without extra aid.
How to find a Noonflower-0

How to find a Noonflower-0

A single running jump with any vocation can reach the Noonflower cliff, which is west of the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler, just above Bloodwater Beach. A Portcrystal has been placed to help visually identify the Noonflower cliff for this video.

A route accessible to all is to travel west from the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler to reach the ledge - follow the line of the cliff if unsure.

For Arisen with good jumping skills the east ledge can be reached by climbing up from its lowest point near to the canyon's exits on to Conqueror's Sanctuary.

The noonflower is located on the opposite cliff ledge, very close to where the two sides come a "jumps breadth" apart.


  •  Save the game before attempting the jump for the first time.
  •  An Arisen without double jump or levitation may attempt a running jump from a higher ledge if the even-level ledge jump is too difficult.
  • Attempting the jump with an encumbrance of average or greater will lead to failure on most attempts.
  • The ledge leads (via a smaller jump) to an entrance into a small cave (see Noonflower Cliff Cave.)



2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement

Silver Rarifying


Component to

Item Item Product
Noonflower + Love-In-The-Rough = Arisen's Bond
Noonflower + Harspud Sauce = Balmy Incense x4


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