Noble Quarter is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"Stunning structures, are they not? Homes to knights and chamberlains." — Pawn

The Noble Quarter is the residential area of Gran Soren's more privileged citizens. It is also the location of Gran Soren's Cathedral, and the main entrance to the Duke's Demesne.

The captain of the guards, Ser Maximilian, stands near the gated entrance to the Duke's Demesne. To the left of him and closest to the Castle's entrance is Fournival's Manor, the property of Fournival, an important merchant. Knight's Manor, the home of Mellard, stands between Fournival Manor and the Gran Soren Cathedral. 

The quarter is linked to the Craftsman's Quarter by the Passage Gate, and to the Urban Quarter by a long walled passage guarded by gates at either end, the Castle Gate.


Faith members
Often found in the Cathedral
Ser Maximilian is a captain of the guard and gives the Arisen the introductory Wyrm Hunt Quests.


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