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Nilson is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A miner hired by Alon to search the Ancient Quarry for treasure."



  • "The merchant folk have hired me to carve deeper into this place, though to what end I cannot fathom".
  • '"Tis madness, coming to a place where monsters are like to appear at any moment".
  • "You're free to head deeper in, if you've the inclination. There may be treasures there to rival the dangers, but I'm content with a day's wage and my head attached".
  • "Maker's breath... Not as if this place gets much in the way of visitors, anyhow..".
  • "The Arisen, yes? Beg your pardon, but it's not a position I'd care to hold. Though I wager it's a hair more exciting than my current task..."