Newly Arisen is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Your relief at surviving the nightmare is tinged with a sense of unease. Make ready your equipment and see to the village."

You awake in a room within Chief Adaro's House together with other victims of the Dragon's attack. Strangely you hear a voice in your head calling you to take up arms - follow your instinct and begin you quest as a new Arisen.


This quest is fairly simple and only requires the player to choose a starting vocation.

Take a Weapon

Dragon's Dogma Newly Arisen

Dragon's Dogma Newly Arisen

Newly Arisen ~ Video Walkthrough

Once the Arisen wakes, pick up one of the weapons to choose the Arisen's Vocation : either a Fighter, a Strider, or  Mage. Depending on your choice you will acquire a Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield, or Rusted Bow and Rusted Daggers, or a Rusted Staff.

Exit the Room

Once a vocation has been selected, the Arisen is free to explore the room and interact  with the other wounded villagers. Exit the room to conclude the quest.

Quest Successful

On exiting the room the Arisen stumbles upon Quina and Chief Adaro discussing their condition. Once this scene has ended the Arisen is now free to explore around the small fishing village of Cassardis.


"Take up arms, Arisen... For my kind do not heed the toothless."
"Newly Arisen... Walker of the path... Take up arms."
"To me... Come to me... "


  • It is possible to leave the room without selection a vocation. After trying to leave the room three times, the game will automatically default the Arisen to the Fighter vocation. However this will void any gear that would have been initially received, i.e. Weapons.
  • However, one still can go back to the room and examine the dresser to switch to a different Vocation and obtain starting gear, for free. This option expires upon leaving the town.

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